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Finding Your Marriage Partner in Astrology and Describing Your Marriage

One if the most frequent asked questions in astrology is always on the theme of love, relationships and partnerships. Thus, today, I decided to share this knowledge to you and give you some information in understanding more about your own natal and birth chart and how we get deeper into it - - by finding your marriage partner and describing how that marriage & connection will be!

Astrology is a deep paradox and people tend to get overwhelmed on its information, one placement and sign can mean so much and people get lost entirely, especially now that the mainstream media decided to take on astrological information, which are sometimes false and misleading.

When it comes to partnerships and marriage - - this is always going to talk about the 7th House and it is exclusive for that house!

This isn't the house for your boyfriends and girlfriends (well, it depends... but that is an entirely different topic), but it's the house of your husband or your wife.

In a nutshell, this means that, for your husband or wife to-be - - a husband or wife, they need to have the embodiment of your 7th House.

Unfortunately, the reality of this is that if your current partner doesn't meet the criteria and requirement for the 7th House story in your own natal chart - - it already is giving you a signal that this isn't going to be your husband or your wife. It may seem harsh, but this is just the reality and have been proven many, many times!


Anyway, so... how do we exactly know and determine to know more about the 7th House? Well... I may have discussed a lot about this topic in the past, but, everything is all about rulership in astrology. This is where the storyline goes... so understanding the ruler of your chart and planetary alignment will always be the key to everything.


Here's a quick cheat sheet on the rulership in traditional astrology:

Aries & Scorpio - ruled by Mars

Taurus & Libra - ruled by Venus

Gemini & Virgo - ruled by Mercury

Cancer - ruled by Moon

Leo - ruled by Sun

Sagittarius & Pisces - ruled by Jupiter

Capricorn & Aquarius - ruled by Saturn


Knowing the rulers of your 7th House is sometimes not enough, looking through the planets in the 7th house (if there is) or aspects it makes - - this gives us a story on your marriage partner or how you may have met them! It becomes quite advanced and complex at times and you might need a help of an astrologer to break this down for you to understand more.

I do have a quick Astrology Answers professional service where I do take a look one particular situation of your chart and give you a thorough and deep analysis and advice regarding that theme and situation. If you are interested, you can book a quick reading for that one.


In case you haven't understand how to get all the dots together with the information I have given, let me explain further....

  • Basically, you take a look on your 7th House.

  • What sign is it in?

For example: Maybe your 7th House is Pisces, then you might need to take a look on where Jupiter is in your Chart.

  • Where is Jupiter located?

  • What house is it in?

Try to understand the placement, aspects and combinations it is making. That gives us not just the personality of your husband or wife, it also tell us how you have met them and how your relationship / marriage comes to be!


Here's a short breakdown to get an idea of each placements and rulership:

7th House Ruler in the 1st House

You are are the one who initiates that gets to form that relationship with this person, or it is them who initiates it first. You may have done something to initiate this relationship and triggered it, maybe you've talked to them first or maybe, you came into a room where they are - - that could trigger the connection as well. Basically, your actions will determine things for you. Though sometimes, the other person will be the one who does the initial action, too. It depends on each person's story in their own chart. Usually this connection and relationship will change your entire identity and they may have a big role on the person that you have become today - - for better or worst that may be. Your whole being has been or will be altered due to this connection with this person... of course, if they are your husband or wife, they have this effect that will be made, for sure.