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Finding Your Marriage Partner in Astrology and Describing Your Marriage

One if the most frequent asked questions in astrology is always on the theme of love, relationships and partnerships. Thus, today, I decided to share this knowledge to you and give you some information in understanding more about your own natal and birth chart and how we get deeper into it - - by finding your marriage partner and describing how that marriage & connection will be!

Astrology is a deep paradox and people tend to get overwhelmed on its information, one placement and sign can mean so much and people get lost entirely, especially now that the mainstream media decided to take on astrological information, which are sometimes false and misleading.

When it comes to partnerships and marriage - - this is always going to talk about the 7th House and it is exclusive for that house!

This isn't the house for your boyfriends and girlfriends (well, it depends... but that is an entirely different topic), but it's the house of your husband or your wife.

In a nutshell, this means that, for your husband or wife to-be - - a husband or wife, they need to have the embodiment of your 7th House.

Unfortunately, the reality of this is that if your current partner doesn't meet the criteria and requirement for the 7th House story in your own natal chart - - it already is giving you a signal that this isn't going to be your husband or your wife. It may seem harsh, but this is just the reality and have been proven many, many times!


Anyway, so... how do we exactly know and determine to know more about the 7th House? Well... I may have discussed a lot about this topic in the past, but, everything is all about rulership in astrology. This is where the storyline goes... so understanding the ruler of your chart and planetary alignment will always be the key to everything.


Here's a quick cheat sheet on the rulership in traditional astrology:

Aries & Scorpio - ruled by Mars

Taurus & Libra - ruled by Venus

Gemini & Virgo - ruled by Mercury

Cancer - ruled by Moon

Leo - ruled by Sun

Sagittarius & Pisces - ruled by Jupiter

Capricorn & Aquarius - ruled by Saturn


Knowing the rulers of your 7th House is sometimes not enough, looking through the planets in the 7th house (if there is) or aspects it makes - - this gives us a story on your marriage partner or how you may have met them! It becomes quite advanced and complex at times and you might need a help of an astrologer to break this down for you to understand more.

I do have a quick Astrology Answers professional service where I do take a look one particular situation of your chart and give you a thorough and deep analysis and advice regarding that theme and situation. If you are interested, you can book a quick reading for that one.


In case you haven't understand how to get all the dots together with the information I have given, let me explain further....

  • Basically, you take a look on your 7th House.

  • What sign is it in?

For example: Maybe your 7th House is Pisces, then you might need to take a look on where Jupiter is in your Chart.

  • Where is Jupiter located?

  • What house is it in?

Try to understand the placement, aspects and combinations it is making. That gives us not just the personality of your husband or wife, it also tell us how you have met them and how your relationship / marriage comes to be!


Here's a short breakdown to get an idea of each placements and rulership:

7th House Ruler in the 1st House

You are are the one who initiates that gets to form that relationship with this person, or it is them who initiates it first. You may have done something to initiate this relationship and triggered it, maybe you've talked to them first or maybe, you came into a room where they are - - that could trigger the connection as well. Basically, your actions will determine things for you. Though sometimes, the other person will be the one who does the initial action, too. It depends on each person's story in their own chart. Usually this connection and relationship will change your entire identity and they may have a big role on the person that you have become today - - for better or worst that may be. Your whole being has been or will be altered due to this connection with this person... of course, if they are your husband or wife, they have this effect that will be made, for sure.

7th House Ruler in the 2nd House

This relationship connection is very much tied in with finances, money and material possessions, maybe one of you always had to give money to the relationship. Maybe there's a lot of materialistic endeavors involved or maybe a lot of gifts given or taken. Since the 2nd House has to do with our stability in life, this either gives you stability or instability which can be frustrating or can make you really happy. Marrying for money is one of the theme, maybe marrying for financial freedom, etc. Anything to do with money, basically.

7th House Ruler in the 3rd House

Maybe you have met each other during school years, college or maybe during the time where you just graduated from college and have started working. You may have met each other along with a group of people in a social environment way back on your younger days. Definitely, travel, communication and internet are some of the themes this entails. Meeting someone in an event, maybe an association, courses, internship, through a family member, etc. You may have shared believes and have similar values and energies that links the two of you together.

7th House Ruler in the 4th House

This could be a typical situation where the other person comes to ones home or may have some connection with the parents. It could be a fixed marriage, as well. It can also give us signification that this is a person in your native land. In most cases, there is also a big signification of marrying very quick and starting a family immediately due to its connection to the 4th House - - like marrying early, maybe due to pregnancy or some other reasonings. Anything to do with home, family, buildings and property could be a big theme into this relationship.

7th House Ruler in the 5th House

This is a typical scenario where you meet your partner during a time where you are maybe having fun and doing some recreational activities. Since, this is the 5th, it could very much tell us that your childhood sweetheart can be your husband or wife, eventually. Maybe, something to do with kids or play could be themes. Maybe you've met them when you were with friends, in a party or doing creative things. Possibly, they may already have kids and some form of connection to children are a theme. In most cases, a casual love affair may turn serious and be more of a committed partnership.

7th House Ruler in the 6th House

In this situation, it creates a situation where one of the person had to take care of another - - maybe you needed to solve their issues, work on their cases or the other way around. A possible situation is that, it may be an ex-lover, too. Maybe you have met in a workplace or a situation where some competition or fight involves the two of you. You might have a partner who works in the service industry where they take care for someone else, etc. Doing things together on an everyday basis with them could be themes in the relationship as well. Maybe you meet them through some means relating to health, clinics, things that needs solving and fixing. It can be complex, difficult at times as it may feel that the relationship has a lot of "work" to do than enjoyment and pleasure, but it still varies and can be wonderful, depending on the story it entails.

7th House Ruler in the 7th House

You might meet your partner in some form of other person as well, maybe a collaboration with someone, a business partner, a contract or legal issue of some kind. Maybe through another person. This position really depends on what is happening in the 7th house, it can give a signal for a sure marriage partnership, however, looking through the house placements, planets and aspects needs to be thoroughly checked (the same with other houses and rulers, but more so in this position). Cases where you might need to go out and look for your lover or marriage partner can sometimes be a need in this position or maybe. In some cases of charts I have studied, it can be complicated at times because unlike the 1st House Ruler, sometimes... it's highly dependent on the other person, so one may feel as if either their fate is in the hands of another person - not the other way around. Many times though, it is usually a harmonious energy and gives a positive ending as well.

7th House Ruler in the 8th House

In this situation, things can be quite deep and tricky at times. There could be tendency of craving much intimacy and connection in a partnership, which... is a good thing, however, it mostly entails some form of obsession, trauma, abuse or some psychological issues that comes with it. It can be quite dramatic and themes of betrayal and dark things can envelop or has some issue in the relationship. Maybe you end up having a partner that has those tendency or you develop those issues because of your partner. Possibly your partner is hidden, like a secret love affair you have or had or maybe they work hidden from the rays of other people. There could be themes of joint finances or even a partner whom you had the best sex ever - - is one you end up having this deep bond and connection with. It could be that your partner is a spiritual worker, a healer of some kind... or maybe, a psychic or astrologer - this deals with occult, too. So yeah... It could be a sex worker, or themes of sex are themes within this relationship. Many times, issues of obsession, possessive tendencies and controlling situation comes in with this partnership or even a death, debts, finances, or insurance company of some kind.

7th House Ruler in the 9th House

In this placement, it could be that you meet your person during college years, or maybe travel has been a theme. Maybe a long distance relationship has been some of the energies that comes in the relationship. You didn't meet necessarily in long distance, but your relationship had those LDR moments. Possibly, someone from a far, in foreign lands or maybe your connection with this person is like a student - teacher kind of energy where you always learn from them, or maybe... that partnership feels as if someone always tells you what to do or guide you in things. Possibly, one of you is always away and always out and traveling, maybe always in engagement with other people or... just out there on the sea, literally! Communication will always be a big theme in your relationship with this person.

7th House Ruler in the 10th House

You might be having a partner who has some form of authority, like a boss or some kind, very successful. Maybe a person you are very proud of... a very public type of relationship, you might have met them through your career or some kind, too. It could be a person that even has authority over you that you need to follow whatever rules they have place in the relationship or towards you. The 10th is the highest place, so maybe it's someone on a very high position as well - someone well-known or someone in the public eye as a possibility. It really depends how this 10th House is talking for you and the aspects it makes to your chart. Shared values and ambitions in life could be themes you both have together.

7th House Ruler in the 11th House

You might meet them on various places with a lot of people, connections to the internet, technology or within your social sphere or friends. There could be some situation where someone is very sociable or maybe you meet them in a common organization or network that you both have interests with as well. Possibly, you meet them after dating a whole lot of people. Also, another possibility is that maybe you already have known them but didn't really pay much attention - - however, you both had common friends and common interests and values in life. This is also a situation where coming together with this person can be very harmonious as you both will do things to achieve your hopes, dreams and aspirations in life and make sure it occurs in the physical world by helping each other and being each other support system, too. It could be someone who has been a friend or friend and a lover in some form of way, too.

7th House Ruler in the 12th House

Sometimes, this can be tricky on its own as it does signify that you end up meeting your partner maybe, while you are in a partnership - in some form of secret affair, hidden relationships and doing things with another person behind closed doors and such. Though, it may also mean that this is a theme in your marriage partnership, too... and maybe, you are married or your partner will be someone not from your native land at all. It could be a very private relationship where other people may not even know much about your connection and relationship with each other. Maybe you both would like to isolate yourself and seclude yourself whenever you both are together. Maybe you meet your person in a hospital, or churches, temples... in some cases, maybe they are in jail or something along those lines, if you get what I mean - - you either meet them or your connection with them have some themes with those information and energy.


These are just some of the most likely tendency this may show up in your relationship, marriage and situations with your partner / husband or wife. In most cases, do not forget you do need to look into the rulers of the planets within the 7th House and the aspect it makes as well. And... of course, if you are really confuse and would still want to know more about your situation.

You can book an Astrology Answers with me - - to specifically look into this area of your concern - - especially if you are in a place where you want to know how you will meet your partner.

Sometimes, people are looking at the wrong places... your wife or husband will show up once all those conditions comes together and only then... it starts happening. Though, in difficult cases... sometimes, there are tendencies where a chart literally negates marriages, too or even triggers separation and divorces. Well, that is another complete different story. :)

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed and learned something from this. :) Let me know, what is your 7th House, and if you are married... how did you meet your partner and what goes into your relationship? I'd love to know, comment below! :)


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