Finding Your Marriage Partner in Astrology and Describing Your Marriage

One if the most frequent asked questions in astrology is always on the theme of love, relationships and partnerships. Thus, today, I decided to share this knowledge to you and give you some information in understanding more about your own natal and birth chart and how we get deeper into it - - by finding your marriage partner and describing how that marriage & connection will be!

Astrology is a deep paradox and people tend to get overwhelmed on its information, one placement and sign can mean so much and people get lost entirely, especially now that the mainstream media decided to take on astrological information, which are sometimes false and misleading.

When it comes to partnerships and marriage - - this is always going to talk about the 7th House and it is exclusive for that house!

This isn't the house for your boyfriends and girlfriends (well, it depends... but that is an entirely different topic), but it's the house of your husband or your wife.