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Love and Sexual Astrology: What turns you on to be really be passionate in a relationship?

People tend to look on Venus, Mars or sometimes, even the Moon when we talk about love, sexuality and relationship in astrology, but honestly? Things are more than just that!

Astrology is a wide and vast subject, and just like how there's a "possibility" that there are things, we humans have not yet entirely discovered, there are also things hidden in stars that love-and-sexual-astrology-what-turns-you-on-to-be-really-be-passionate-in-a-relationshipwe might not even know exists that allows us to see and know more about love, sex, passion and romance - not just about ourselves, but with our partners, too!

In my previous post, we've talked about Asteroids in Astrology, and we've discussed each of their story in mythology and their impact when seen in the chart. So, now let us take a look deeper as we talk a look on the Asteroid Eros and what it means when it falls to a certain sign and how you can navigate this to trigger your partner's hidden desire and needs!

Checking what sign Eros is in their chart and yours will allow us to understand some dynamics in the relationship and might give some reasons why things are happening the way they are, and how you can trigger more of their obsession and passion towards you!

We all know that Eros, coming from the word, "erotica" is sexual in nature and it represents not just sex and the erotic side to things. It really gives us the essence of what allow us to be drawn to someone and get enamored by them. What allow us to get all the way with a person, against all odds, too! What triggers our animal instincts, what turns us on and what triggers us to be really attracted, passionate and sexual with someone in a way that will blow our mind in ecstasy and happiness as a whole?! Believe me... this is intense stuff and it's just more than just a physical attraction... it triggers our soul in such a deep and profound level!

We may choose to fancy one person and another and another... but without activating Eros one way or another, we just cannot say that we can fully go all out with them and really desire them to their deepest core and souls!

Once a person trigger this, sometimes... a complete match can even make that person unforgettable to that person. It gives a feeling as if there is some divine intervention creating a scenario as if "our cupid shot us with a bow to fell head over heels with that one person!"

While there are no astrological nor scientific fact... I truly relate this strongly with a twin flame relationship once everything matches up between two people's charts. Simply because, just like the twins, there's trials and tribulations with Eros and Psyche's story too. There was a chase, a waiting, doubts, push and pull and all that before any union or happy ending can even occur - just like how a twin flame relationship actually manifests!

Though, in modern times... that's just not logical anymore, but I truly believe that once a person gets a connection with one particular person, and this activates certain points of their charts, like Eros and Psyche... they might just be illogical and irrational as they can be because of that strong bond and link that goes beyond the physical and spiritual means!

They say that if a person does not get that fulfillment from their Eros, sooner down the line... they might end up cheating or remove themselves in that connection or relationship. They might accept to be in a relationship without filling in their Eros needs for a long time, but there will always be a trigger point for each person. We might try to delay it but we cannot, and can never resist this. It is just simply part of our soul, core and being!

We either accept having an unfulfilled Eros and control our urges with rationality and practicality, or it might just go to a point where all those pent up energies and desires gets unleashed over time as we grow old and mature in life.

However, do know that this will only occur "if" our Eros is already activated, by having that once in a life time chance in being able to meet "their" own divine lover, Psyche.

So, try to know your partner's Eros... and try to fill in this energy, see how they become towards you as a result. Hopefully, they get to fill the void of your Eros, too!

Eros in Aries - These are the type of people that is all about the thrill and the chase! They need things sexual and physical. They need fun, they crave fun and they wouldn't want to take no for an answer. In fact... you say no? I want to play this game more and make you say yes! When the challenge is there, the better it becomes... they don't like waiting, but having it all too easy is no game at all. It's best to handle these types with traditional and old-school grandma techniques in getting a guy. The important thing for them is having that one person hook them and reel them in such roller coaster ride. It's okay to play hard to get with a bit of tease here and there - he'll surely go crazy over you!

Eros in Taurus - They are all about sensuality and pleasure. They would want to be with that person where they can actually be very natural and comfortable with the person. They do need some physical touch here and there, too! But, nothing too intense... just subtle, romantic and sensual energy. They do fancy physical beauty, but they would prefer someone who can attract them without making any superficial effort and preferably someone who can lure them in even without makeup or even when one is not all dolled and dressed up at all!

Eros in Gemini - As a thinking sign, it is no surprise that these are the type of people that is not drawn to action and physical connections... but more on the mental connection between two people. They are quite of a charmer and most of their turn-ons have a lot to do with what they other person would say and tell them. Yes, they do love dirty talks, and foreplay would be up their field, too! These are the type who usually would be so interested in exploring a lot of forbidden things... like orgy and threesome. You do need to get him hooked and interested at all times to keep his eyes from wondering or else, you'll have a competition from his heart! Well.... or mind!

Eros in Cancer - These people are the type that likes to be touchy-feely! They love intimacy and to bond with someone, to love someone is what they live for! They aren't all about sex though, the feelings and emotions is very important and would matter a lot! They need to love you, desire you and really want you to go all out on you! However, these are also the types that tend to be smothering and possessive at times.... so yeah, just keep that in mind, but you can be assured that their hands will just be all around you and only you!

Eros in Leo - You might have already expected this, but people in this lane tends to view love and romance as if it's their confidence meter. The more their ego is worked on in the relationship, the better they feel, the better lover they can be! It might be a problem if you have an issue with "me, me, me" type of scenario as these are the people that likes it when someone treats them as the KING of the world! They love to be in the spotlight and will always love the attention they get! The more you stroke their ego up, the more they will feel good... keep doing this and you'll be his QUEEN and will treat you lavishly, too!

Eros in Virgo - In the placement of Virgo, these people tend to be perfectionist and will be head over heels with a person that they conclude as the perfect lover. By perfect, it does not mean you are to be someone they fancy physically nor sexually.... but this is the type of connection where they will feel fulfilled with the partnership. They would be want to be with someone whom they can learn from and someone who learns from them, too! The only difficult thing with these people is the fact that they can be very nitpicky in the relationship, so it can be stressful if you guys don't match very well. They always like to "improve" and make things better after all!

Eros in Libra - For these people, they are the type that likes some mental and artistic connections! How you guys communicate and get together will be important. Staying connected, socializing with each other and the essence of beauty and charm is one thing that continuously allow them to long for that one particular person. These people are one that would love some excitement here and there, but they wouldn't want the connection to be stressful and draining. They do like to have fun - but would never like it if you cheat behind their back! Stay loyal to them and be in the dream world where only you and that person are the main lead of the story!

Eros in Scorpio - My God, this is probably the most intense of them all! These people are very erotic, physical, romantic and sexual! They wouldn't want it either way, it has to be intense, it has to be extreme! They are very passionate lovers and can go all out for someone. They consistently have a need to bond with that person... and someone who would join them in dabbling in with the forbidden fruits of life! These are the people that needs to get complete fulfillment in every aspect of the relationship - mental, spiritual, emotional and psychological. It's truly all or nothing! You have to prepare to give yourself fully to this person... not just your body, but your soul, too!

Eros in Sagittarius - These people are the type who likes engagement and a lot of marathon activities! You need to be game and be willing to take some risks. Be someone who will be there for them and support them completely - whether you like it or not, believe that they are right or not! They want a relationship and someone whom they can never get tired to be with... and someone who knows how to have fun, too! While they do like games, they can be into philosophical topics, too. You need to be willing to explore, learn and do things with them all night long - without any nagging or complains!

Eros in Capricorn - These are the type of people that usually are not the most fun to be around. They have their guards up and it usually takes them a long time before they can make a decision to really go all out with someone. They are reserved.... and won't be able to fully express their feelings and be really passionate with someone in just a short period of time. However, once they have proven that you are worth it and have spent a long time with you... they start opening up and a door you never seen before with your relationship or connection with this person, suddenly will start occurring before your eyes!

Eros in Aquarius - You might have already expected this, but they are the type who likes to have their own freedom. They want and would have a need with someone who'll be okay with it and never try to tie them down. They do value friendship a lot and the connection they make with a group of people and their networks. The things they like are very unique and unconventional... expect some odd experiences with these people. If you are someone that gets an A mark on their check-list, you'll know they'll always be around you and will show you a world you might have never seen before! Yes, they'll commit as long as you agree to their terms, too!

Eros in Pisces - These people are ones that values a soul connection, they want it deep and passionate. They like a soulmate connection who will accept them as they are and who will be there for them for all eternity! They do have a tendency to be very fanatical in their dreams and desires for a relationship and someone in particular, if you are able to fulfill what it is they desire... then good, however, there are just times where it's just too unrealistic and sometimes, delusional to a point most people who has this ends up being disappointed. They want to live the life of love and romance that exists in fairy tales.... if you can fulfill that, then they'll be all over you and will do anything and everything for the sake of their love to you!

If your Eros and Psyche matches up one another and activates degree points in your chart over one another... you'll know a spell has already been cast on you!


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