Love and Sexual Astrology: What turns you on to be really be passionate in a relationship?

People tend to look on Venus, Mars or sometimes, even the Moon when we talk about love, sexuality and relationship in astrology, but honestly? Things are more than just that!

Astrology is a wide and vast subject, and just like how there's a "possibility" that there are things, we humans have not yet entirely discovered, there are also things hidden in stars that love-and-sexual-astrology-what-turns-you-on-to-be-really-be-passionate-in-a-relationshipwe might not even know exists that allows us to see and know more about love, sex, passion and romance - not just about ourselves, but with our partners, too!

In my previous post, we've talked about Asteroids in Astrology, and we've discussed each of their story in mythology and their impact when seen in the chart. So, now let us take a look deeper as we talk a look on the Asteroid Eros and what it means when it falls to a certain sign and how you can navigate this to trigger your partner's hidden desire and needs!

Checking what sign Eros is in their chart and yours will allow us to understand some dynamics in the relationship and might give some reasons why things are happening the way they are, and how you can trigger more of their obsession and passion towards you!

We all know that Eros, coming from the word, "erotica" is sexual in nature and