Asteroids in Astrology: Their Story, Meaning and Purpose in our Charts

Asteroids is quite of a topic in astrology, It is a big part of our chart, but not all astrologers really gives their attention and focus to talk about them.

These asteroids usually talks and represents certain areas of our life experiences, like our persona, our past life, perhaps, and other experiences which may be seen and acknowledge, or not.

From knowing how the asteroids in astrology works, we can unravel the hidden stories and facets in our lives are and maybe, by studying them, we get to find our way in resolving them, too!

Do remember though, there is no one meaning for each of the asteroids just like how it is for all planets in astrology, but they do have common theme.... and that's what I want to share with you guys here. ;)

Chiron - "The Wounded Healer" - a wise greek centaur (half human, half horse), a centaur god who was wounded in battle and could not heal himself, despite being a healer and shaman. He has been hurt and wounded, yet still haves the empathy to tend to those in need.

It talks about pain and healing & various facets of wounds which may be physical or not. It may talk about psychological things but it will always talk about wounds, pain and healing as a whole - - and yes, just because it was called a wounded healer, doesn't mean it is a healing area (that's a misconception).

There is a healing theme definitely, that is the reason why it's always related to someone's spiritual path, health and diseases... but we shouldn't forget that Chiron did get not healed at all, thus at times it acts in vengeful ways and it triggers to push us to heal things that needs to get healed in our life.

Ceres - "Nurture" - connected to the goddess of agriculture, it deals with how we are being nurtured, or are we being nurtured at all? We should always remember the story of Mother-Daughter Ceres and Persephone, in those moment where her daughter was taken from her... she was filled with much grief that the earth came to a state of winter where no grain could ever grow.