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Asteroids in Astrology: Their Story, Meaning and Purpose in our Charts

Asteroids is quite of a topic in astrology, It is a big part of our chart, but not all astrologers really gives their attention and focus to talk about them.

These asteroids usually talks and represents certain areas of our life experiences, like our persona, our past life, perhaps, and other experiences which may be seen and acknowledge, or not.

From knowing how the asteroids in astrology works, we can unravel the hidden stories and facets in our lives are and maybe, by studying them, we get to find our way in resolving them, too!

Do remember though, there is no one meaning for each of the asteroids just like how it is for all planets in astrology, but they do have common theme.... and that's what I want to share with you guys here. ;)

Chiron - "The Wounded Healer" - a wise greek centaur (half human, half horse), a centaur god who was wounded in battle and could not heal himself, despite being a healer and shaman. He has been hurt and wounded, yet still haves the empathy to tend to those in need.

It talks about pain and healing & various facets of wounds which may be physical or not. It may talk about psychological things but it will always talk about wounds, pain and healing as a whole - - and yes, just because it was called a wounded healer, doesn't mean it is a healing area (that's a misconception).

There is a healing theme definitely, that is the reason why it's always related to someone's spiritual path, health and diseases... but we shouldn't forget that Chiron did get not healed at all, thus at times it acts in vengeful ways and it triggers to push us to heal things that needs to get healed in our life.

Ceres - "Nurture" - connected to the goddess of agriculture, it deals with how we are being nurtured, or are we being nurtured at all? We should always remember the story of Mother-Daughter Ceres and Persephone, in those moment where her daughter was taken from her... she was filled with much grief that the earth came to a state of winter where no grain could ever grow.

Thus, this acts in a way where we either receive a lot of love or we do not. As we mature, what we gain from here will give us a clearer picture on how we would want to nuture people - - again, if we are incline to do that at all. The positive and negative effect of Ceres in the chart will tell us more information.

Eros - "Attraction" - Aphrodite's son and the god of erotic love, it usually tells us what we seek in a soulmate and Eros, specifically points out what triggers a person to be drawn to someone... in a soul, sexual, passionate and erotic level that reaches a point of satisfying fulfillment, likw euphoria in us.

Psyche - "Attraction" - both Eros and Psyche are known as the mythical lovers as they rule themes of sexual and romantic love. This gives a strong link to divine and soulmate union. Psyche is a mortal princess that aroused Aphrodite's wrath due to jealousy, thus... she sends her son to poison her, but fell in love instead!

The lovers literally had to go in hell and back again before they could gain Aphrodite's approval and be in completely happiness, bliss, pleasure, and much joy. This somehow reminds me so much of divine twin flame lovers, how they each had to go through such difficult situations first before coming togefher.

Psyche usually tells us what we seek and desire through the heart, it tells us what triggers us to be emotional with a person that will allow us to bond with them in a romantic and soul level.

Athena Pallas - "Justice & Wisdom" - Athena is a child of Zeus (Jupiter) and is the like the Alpha-Female where justice takes a huge role. She is intelligent, all knowing, very strategic and likes things to be fair and balanced - - doesn't tolerate injustice. She is a talented one, but not just all brains. She has the body, ability and energy to fight physically as well. She is good in all diplomatic concerns and has great forms of talent, art and creativity.

How this is in a person's chart can ofcourse tell us whether we see things fairly and just, or if things in their life are in conflict where there is a sense of injustice happening in their life, especially on authority figures, and father problems as well. It tells us how our relationship is with men, and usually, it also tell us how we treat and resolve conflicts as a whole.

Juno - "Commitments" - The Wife of Jupiter, whom is known as the goddess of marriage. Again, when looking into this, the story in mythology matters! Remember, she was devoted and committed to her husband, but Jupiter / Zeus is a cheater and she ended up spending a lot of her energy to get her revenge because of this. Juno in the chart will talk about how we deal with our commitments as a whole, may it be in love or outside of it.

It may also talk about infidelity issues, our partners in a marriage kind of setup, bitterness, abusive relationships, and so forth... It can also tell and show us the kind of person we find ourselves really committing to - - qualities of our husband / wife, is shows us the connection & ties with someone that is very strong, valuable and important to us.

Vesta - "Sexuality, Devotion & Security" - known as Jupiter's sister, or as the 'virgin' priestess goddess and the keeper of the hearth. She is very pure and devoted. She and her devotees were task to tend to the sacred fire that kept Rome safe & if a fire goes out, they'll be buried alive as punishment. This is why, she cannot make a mistake, she cannot afford to do so... and she needs to always be careful and organized in every step of the way. She also was known as the sexual goddess, being later forced into celebacy... thus, Vesta when afflicted can also tell us about our fears on sex and intimacy - when we don't see things for what they truly are, being in denial, issues with safety, locks, security, investments, insecurity, home related issues, etc. Positively it always tell us about sacred sexuality, devotion and how we give service and spiritual service to people.

Eris - "The Rebel & Our Expression for Truth" - as the goddess of discord and strife, it usually relates to making a stand and fighting for what we believe is right and not allowing other people to step on us, just because they can.

It is an area where we show power and liberation as a whole. It has a correllarion for "struggle" and "rights" as this is what Eris has experienced as she fought for her own right due to the injustice of the society that she got thrown out of. It also shows us an area of our life where our true nature shows up. It may show us areas of our rebellion, resentment and ties with the material things we didin't have but feel we are deserving of...

Black Moon Lilith - "The Void & Darker You" - Lilith is known as the dark moon goddess and it represents ones raw form of energy, where things are hard to control and integrate. It is an area where we have a need to express things and desire things powerfully & uncontrollably. Just like how Lilith refused to submit to Adam's dominant role in sex, this is also a part where we refuse to submit to things and it is an area where we have great confidence and have more determination in exercising our own free-will. However, the conscious decision in forging her own path and live alone, in which she got forced into has made her carry a lot of anger, pain, bitterness and resentment Yes, it is a part where we exercise our rights and claim what is ours and what might be just... but it is also a point where we are unable to let go of things, which usually ends up in a negative form of energy due to a sense of rejection or lack of support to ones needs and desires.

In most cases, this is an area where our inner b*tch and darkest self comes into form due to strong urges, uncontrollable circumstances and emotions that envelops us in darkness. This is your instinctual, physical being energy, your animal instinct in its rawest form. It also tells us the area of life where we might have a sense of void... which may or may not be true, but can confuse and affect us with how we see our own capabiltiies and self worth.

White Moon Selena - "The Light & The Positive" - Selena is the complete counterpart of Lilith, she is the goddess of the moon and known as our own guardian angel and protector. Among all the lunar goddesses that exists in mythology, it is only Selena, that gets to be represented to claim the throne of the Moon itself. She is usually seen driving the moon chariot along with the white horses as it drove across the sky, providing the night with its brightest and most beautiful light in the sky. In astrology, While Moon Selena will always be in the most positive area of our chart, where we have our most beneficial energy for us to see, acknowledge and claim.

This is an area of our chart that has divine grace, help & protection that smoothens and lessen the malefic energies of that house and placement in our own charts. It is the gift we have received due our karma and past actions from our past life times and it is the area where one should connect with, if one desires to follow the path of the light, especially if they are a lightworker who wants to deepen their connection to the spirit, their guardian angels and the divine.

Sedna - "The Reaurrected & Awakened Queen" - Sedna is known to be one that rules the underworld and a sea goddess, being the mother of all sea creatures. The story of Sedna has always been linked to suffering, loss and redemption. In all of mythology, this is the story I never liked the most... despite, how things have turned out good in the end. I just feel her story is way horriying and too cruel... It starts with her father wanting to desperately marry her off, but Sedna stubbornly refuses all of her suitors. This has angered her father so much that he decides to punish her by forcing her daughter to marry a pet dog! Fortunately or unfortunately as that may seem... the pet dog ended up mating with Sedna, allowing her to give birth little puppies as a result. This isn't what her father planned nor expected at all! He felt so embarassed, ashamed and horrified with the results that have taken place, that he threw her out to the streets alone... As she was abandoned and neglected, in the midst of her loneliness and poverty, she finally started to think that marriage might be a good idea. After all, who wouldn't want a comfortable bed, right? In her haste, she decides to entice the first charming, & well-dressed man that comes along. However, Sedna was truly an unfortunate woman. As soon as she got married, it turns out that the man he ended up marrying is just a lousy bird man in diguised, with no wealth in his name or nest! This has left her feeling much anguish and disappoinment that she cried loudly and helplessly with all her heart and soul. She wailed for hours until her father comes to her rescue. Upon trying to escape on a boat with his father, the bird man returns from his scavenger hunt and noticed that his prized possession has gone missing. He immediately runs to for them and his rage called up a fierce storm which has caused panic. His father then decided to save his own life and threw Sedna off the boat, but through her own will of not wanting to accept this cruel fate, she clings desperately to the side of the boat. Her exasperated father then hacks each of her fingers one by one until everything has been stripped off. She didn't had any choice but to surrender herself to the icy depths of the ocean with nothing left... However, as she sinks deeper in the ocean, she noticed that her hands started transforming into seals, and this is how she became and transformed ito the Queen of the Sea Creatures, where she ultimately found her purpose and serenity in life!

Sedna's myth and story really talks about being a victimhood, and lessons of taking responsibilties for ones own action. In the chart, it always give emphasis to trauma, sadness, illness, suffering and to survive despite against all odds. Positively, this can also be seen as being tenacious and having extreme devotion despite the situations that we come across. This gives someone a willingness to commit, even by suffering in hopes of achieving a difficult goal.

In other people astrological studies, it has been said that if Sedna plays a big role or aspects in your chart, this can give you an opportunity to overcome and conquer the test of Sedna and when Sedna does not play an important aspect in your chart, this can make you experience the harsh realities of life, espeically when it hits you by transit or progression, etc.

There are a few more asteroids in astrology that I haven't really talked about here, but these are usually the ones that are more or less, known and important. Astrology is such a wide and vast topic that we'll never end if I continue on... So, I'll end this right now and it is my hope that you were able to actually learn something of of it!

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Xtine Sotes
Xtine Sotes
May 07, 2021

Hi miss, sa may lilith and selena po pero yung iba asteroids na mention di ko pa alam paano sila hanapin po.

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