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Saturn in Pisces Transit Effects 2023 to 2026

Saturn enters the sign of Pisces on March 8, 2023 and it ends its 3 year transit cycle until February 14, 2026. As the planet of time and karma, this might just become a very profound and important breakthrough that creates major shifts, changes and karmic lessons for each of us on a personal and collective level - - simply because these two alignments are in total opposite to each other.

Saturn rules time, karma, rules, structure, tradition, stability and discipline. Pisces on the other hand is all about mysticism, dreams, fantasy, illusions, pleasure seeking, compassion, idealism, imagination and all things that are unseen.

It gives two different energies that needs to correlate and join in together as it promotes a specific effect or outcome. When Saturn was in the sign of Aquarius, everything was all about changes, innovation, activism, technological and medical advancements. Saturn is dignified and comfortable in Aquarius, it was not a heavy energy, but we couldn't say it was an easy ride as well. There has been issues of social distancing, country distancing and the Russia-Ukrainian War even occurred - - just some of the issues that have come up the past few years when Saturn was in Aquarius. Now that is enters the sign of Pisces, there will be drastic effects that might come that allows us to notice things that we usually wouldn't notice at all. It also gives an element of focus to "self-undoing" as it does highlights the energy of the 12th House as well, so karma does play a huge role to this energy. We should remind ourselves that there is always a "consequence" to our past action, even more so with Saturn in the sign of Pisces.

Saturn is the teacher that gives us wisdom, knowledge and help us learn from experience, so we gain mastery over things and allow us to overcome our vices and adversities that blocks our path in life. It may be difficult, yes, and this is the reason why most people fear Saturn. However, people tend to forget that Saturn also gives us abundance and bountiful rewards when we put in the hard work - - it gives us credits where credits is due.

The fact that Saturn and Pisces are so much opposite from one another, we can expect things to be felt much more. Pisces wants to feel good and do pleasurable things, while Saturn wants you to be responsible and to discipline yourself. Pisces has an indecisive quality to it, sometimes even shady and confusing, but Saturn calls for structure and certainty. With Saturn in Pisces, we simply cannot idealize things and dream alone and wake up the next day like it's a new day, it wants you to fix what must be fixed - - it will want you to take action and the necessary step to make a change and have some maturity in your life. Wherever Pisces is for you in your natal chart, this is the area of focus where Saturn will put some structure and change for you in the next couple of years.

Now, how Saturn in Pisces will play out for you will be different for everyone... again, Saturn can be a punisher, too. When you do not act with moral values, when you do things in ways that promote ill-intent to others... Saturn will act in a way that teaches you harsh lessons, too. This is especially true with Saturn in Pisces, because Pisces is the sign that is much more prone to give in to their vices, feelings and desires, which most of the time is not always good for us or for anyone for that matter.

Pisces is romantic and compassionate, but also hides the truth, selfish, negative and shady. Everything has a good and bad quality and while Saturn tests us and gives us a lot of limitations - - it always has a reason and purpose. Ultimately, it gives us a reality check and without the challenges it gives us, we will never strive for maturity to change things for the better. Instead of rejecting Saturn, I would say, it is best to embrace the energy of Saturn and work our way to be the better versions of ourselves.

Manifestations of What Saturn in Pisces Might Bring to Us:

- Huge focus and changes in terms of Religious Beliefs and Spirituality

- A lot of news regarding Spirituality being more mainstream (for example: Astrology, Tarot, Psychic Readings, Reiki, and other Spiritual Services / other Healing Modalities)

- Huge advancement to technology (especially regarding virtual reality, augmented reality and things that changes how reality and fantasy are mixed in together)

- News relating to space discovery, extraterrestrial news might come up. Maybe connecting with unknown species or finding out more about them, etc.

- A return of something in the past. Lost then, it was found type of energy.

- A new virus or health crisis may come up that could isolate us for safety measure is possible.

- Issues relating to boundaries might come up.

- Highs and Lows regarding prices and expenses will fluctuate drastically, especially in oils, health, medicine, water, cosmetics, arts, entertainment and film connections.

- Things related to water, or ocean will be in focus, either a major typhoon, great flood, or something related to water that plays a huge role comes of importance.

- More medical issue may come up or maybe, more medical facilities may be required. A lot of talk regarding depression, anxiety and mental health awareness.

- Uniting the spiritual bonds of Karmic Lovers, Twin Flames and Soul Mates may happen. Finding love, making it work and manning up to finally get things done is also a part of the manifestation of this energy.

- The good news with this energy is that we can actually make something happen! We can make our hopes, dreams and ideas come into fruition - not just a feeling, but into the real world - in reality!

- There could also be a lot of reality check with people, especially when we have been deluded far too long. Saturn may give us a nudge and just wake us up from the real thing that we are truly facing.

- Taking responsibility and finally moving forward and "growing up" is a big theme, again, maturity and emotional maturity is a big part of this energy.

Saturn in Pisces will test our patience, it might even play with our feelings and emotions at times, it can make us sensitive and feel vulnerable. We will battle with a lot of truths and a lot of falsehood, which includes, deceit, frauds, and escapism, too. It can make you lose faith to things you believe in... however, always know that these are merely a test and we should never give up hope. Know that whatever challenges that may come your way, it is leading us to a path of enlightenment and a path to be in a place where we are meant to be. This is a time where we need to work on our vices and to overcome the shadow in each of us, because trust me... temptations will rise up and we will need to fight our way to seek and do the right thing anyway.

This energy of Saturn in Pisces also gives emphasis on creation. Making things that are not real to come into reality, making our dreams come true and manifesting things to come into fruition or maybe, working on spirituality to attain the manifestation of your goals in life. I cannot say if it is for something good or bad, as this time around... Saturn will act depending on your own actions. Playing the victim may not always be the wisest during this time, it is all about making things happen. It can also be about diving to the unknown, but making it work anyway. This energy can also bring manifestations to you, based on your own belief of faith. Thus, it is important to be positive and happy at all times as that energy comes to you, too!

There is so much possibilities and breakthroughs that can happen with Saturn in Pisces. As far as I know, it might change a lot of things for many people, it might also give hope and put things in a better place - - at the very least, it is what I hope to come out of it by the end of its cycle. Definitely, we are all going to come out of this much more stronger than ever before!

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