Lunar Nodes changes signs every 18 months and this creates an effect and change for us as an individual and on a collective level. No matter what sign it changes, there will always be signification on the "house" it gets activated upon our natal chart. If you don't know your natal or birth chart, you may go to and look into this to cast your free birth chart calculator.

Lunar Nodes creates fated and karmic circumstances, when it gets activated - - that house that it touches gets more alive. It brings events and happenings to us for new beginnings or endings alike. It really depends... and it also varies depending on the sign it is in for more details. However, on this topic... we look into the activation on the house itself, regardless of the sign - this way, we get to know what situations and happenings in our life might get triggered so we can make preparations and have awareness on what may come or arise to the future.

I will be sharing information by house axis - north node/south node. You will need to get updated where are the "current" lunar nodes of the year for you to know the sign it is in and the house it gets activated.

For example: Currently of 2021, the Lunar Nodes are in North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius. For me personally, this is on my 9/3 house axis. It may be different for you, you will need to look where your Gemini is and where Sagittarius is. For the year of 2022, it will be on North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio and that is the current activation we look on.

So, look what axis this is for you. Remember, start with the North Node, first.

1/7 House Axis - we look back on things and we do a lot of questions for personal growth to occur, finding what we look, what people we want, how their presence affects our own, a lot of re-evaluation of needs and desires are looked upon, the creation of how we want to live our life and its possibilities in the future are things in focus and we make efforts to make things happen.

2/8 House Axis - we focus on what we need and want to achieve and acquire to maintain and keep our stuff together, we look and think of what other people think about us, we ask of our worth and what people are willing to give us, we seek to beautify, we are not willing to give things away but want to receive, need for relaxing, appreciating art, beauty and appearances, we focus in things we admire.

3/9 House Axis - communicating with others and sharing our own insights and things we know with people, we write on them and indulge with talks, a lot of personal experiences can happen and we analyze and justify things, we express anything that comes, our mind is so active and curious, new information is sought for, wanting to watch television, listen to political talks and the radio, be social, we participate and we listen to others problems and we mag give sound advice, we care for people in all walks of life.

4/10 House Axis - a personal journey becomes indicated, lessons of the past gets in highlight, we focus on family and being in a group, cultural heritage, bonds, responsibilities, house dues, job that needs attention, career to look over, family that needs attention and so forth, reality hits us and we examine and analyze this to our own day to day life, we test and explore reasons behind rules and regulations that we have learned from people and parents, structure of our life are reconsidered, emotional and psychological growth is expected.

5/11 House Axis - things moves fast and we want to do a lot of things, creativity and childlike memories and joy will burst things up, it gives element of happiness, surely, new people can show up and fun ventures can take place, pregnancy and having a child can occur, wanting to do something we love, being passionate with things, things to share to people, we discover solutions to problems , we may want more playful things in our life, we are more group oriented, we fall in love and just love how we see the world

6/12 House Axis - making new and improve routines is the shift, we are more conscious of the time we use and waste, we become more uneasy and aware of our own age, appearance, habits, diet, and issues relating to health and how we live our life, we try to help others or nag them, we try to be in many places all at once as we are more determine to work and be of service, a lot of time consuming activities are sought after, we are concern with things that are answerable by what how and why - - we just need to get some things done.

7/1 House Axis - personal and one on one relationships is desired, we become aware of the people that are in our lives, making new relationships, desires to deepen a connection or establish more network with others, be willing to care for others, we acknowledge our need for balance, learning to say no or yes to express our own needs, disagreements and legal entanglements can happen, interaction with others and give and take is sought after, if not with a partner it may be a journey in finding one, people can have separation or move into better and meaningful relationships

8/2 House Axis - we look to see where support is available to us, desire to accumulate wealth and we realized that we need people in our life to do certain things, we make judgments, we focus on the need for intensity in personal relationships, we desire deep and emotional and psychological connections with others, our intuitive and psychic abilities gets highlighted and many occult phenomena may arise, issues of life and death can occur even taxes can become a part of our own reality, we become aware with the pleasures of life, we seek safety and things we need so we can feel safe.

9/3 House Axis - change in experiences, focuses on desires for success, we talk to others and we share things we know and do a lot of personal engagement with people, we study and look for mentors, we may want to travel or get in contact with different people or have connections with people that are not of the same culture as our own, we write and communicate and share it all to the world.

10/4 House Axis - we take charge of things that happens in our life and we learn and do something to initiate action, we stand up to what we believe in and we demand others to listen to ha, we take responsibilities and give self-expression on things, we put work and effort to mold the future that awaits us, we have power and we become more empowered to take on the world at it is, as it comes.

11/5 House Axis - we give a lot of focus to what we want to achieve, our goals and the network we build and the connections we have for people and the support we get to receive in the world, we think about the things we know and how we can implement things to reality and what we can do to the knowledge and experiences we have gained and lost, we desire to know, we desire to experience and we desire to grow, popularity and being seen can be felt, enlightenment can be achieved, looking through things in a different lens, sharing things to groups and creating movements that makes impacts to others, we create and bring it all to existence, paying attention to dreams and having guidance and understanding as long as ego does not get in the way of things.

12/6 House Axis - the need to be strong spiritually comes of importance, we look at our goals and realize our potentials, we look on things that are important but tends to get gloss over, we have opportunities to let others help us, we are conscious of our own inner voice, we are more perceptive and we do listen, emotional experiences can occur, sharing knowledge and spiritual fortitude are experienced, sudden and unexpected things can occur, unusual and exciting, even shocking at times, we give care what is happening to the world and our environment,

So, I'd like to ask... Do You Believe in Reincarnations?

It is always a topic of that ends up in clout, falsehood and fantasy and people either becomes a believer on it through their own fantasy or as a means of delusions. In reality though... does it really exist? How true are they?

Today, I'd like to talk about this topic - - for no apparent reason, I just felt drawn to talk about it as it has been lingering in my head for quite sometime. I guess, you could say it's one of those things that I call "downloads" again... I have no reason why I talk about it, but I keep getting this epiphany that I need to do so. I make no claims of how true what I am about to say, so take it in with a grain of salt and allow me to express myself as I share things that comes to me right now.

I will be honest, reincarnation have come across my mind in the past but it is something I have brushed over as I never really thought the possibility exists. A part of me believes it might be possible, but most of the percentage goes to the fact that it only exist in fantasy, novels and cartoons or anime. However, recently... I have been pondering and questioning myself with various things... and one of them is the possibility that it may truly exist... though, it's not like it's a big breakthrough for people to be aware of - - but I just have this strong feeling that maybe, it is actually real but, it may not always be exactly as how we think or assume things to be.

There's a lot of things in this world that we still do not know, that we still have not truly figured out even though most human beings here on Earth thinks they have already know it all and figured out everything - - in reality, we have not. We may have explored a huge amount of things, but surely, I believe there are still percentages that we still have no awareness of. This is especially true when it comes to spirituality, things that are unseen, the mysteries of life and things related to occultism.

In astrology, everything is patterns over patterns - it does not only study the stars and alignments in the sky, but it looks back to history, too. For the only way to learn astrology is to look back and do your research of the effects in the past, so you can sync it to the future and maybe, do things a bit differently now that you have known what those energy may manifest. There is also another saying which they say, history repeats itself... So I wondered, if history repeats, the earth moves and spins in circles - - everything has a cycle. Surely, there must be some form of pattern that occurs with our souls, too... It must be, it has to be. There's always a reflection and return that happens. There's always an element of repeating things, but it does not get repeated 100% as how it occurred in the past. When I think of it this way, it raises the chances of reincarnation becoming not so much of a fantasy anymore and suddenly, it becomes a fact to me.

Speaking of fantasy, there were a lot of cases where people think of fictional things and when more people read about it, watch it, see it... they end up questioning, - - is it real? I wish it was real, but it was fiction. Then again... if we think of "downloads" and "creativity" - - it makes me feel as if they are not far apart. I end up questioning, who are we to say what we are thinking are just imaginations? There is no proof for us to really correct ourselves if it's imagination or a psychic ability. One person may be a good graphic artist who creates a lot of unique characters, but those "characters" may actually have existed. We may have downloaded something in our psyche but were not aware of the source and the validity of things.

After all, there have been so many cases of stories becoming "real" - - I think one of the most popular concept to this is The Simpsons. Many circumstances in their episodes have come in fruition... and it's just based on the author's creativity, but nowadays, it becomes a prediction of sort. Just the existence of the many predictions of this cartoon series alone gives this possibility a huge chance of reincarnation being real and it doesn't always have to be always remembering everything in your past lives.

Not all human beings can activate certain things within their core, and not knowing it does not mean you have no reincarnation... maybe you just don't remember. However, I think there will always be a certain point in our lives where we will be drawn to something for no apparent reason, we just have to be in that path, we just have to be with that person, etc. Something we cannot explain in logical manner but our soul is calling for it, acknowledging it and longing for it. I think, those things are related to our reincarnation and due to our soul or which we call, past life.

Each life time, there are things that gets repeated and there are things that are we overcome. Each person has their own story and have their own trigger points and it's not always all about love - - it could be your desire for power, it could be something related to your family or parents. I feel and believe each person has their own soul core that becomes the life force of our own reincarnation. Naturally, we always end up re-uniting to people that we have strong connections with and it doesn't happen immediately every time, but like magnets, we will always be drawn to that connection because that is what our soul is calling and longing - - especially when there's unfinished business and regrets in our past life or our previous life. Sometimes, the stronger the desire - - the stronger the manifestation it brings in to our present reality. When I think of it this way, it feels very surreal... deep, and fantastical. I guess, a lot of non-believers will make fun of this idea but if there is one thing I believe since then till now is the power of the heart. My gut instincts, my intuition... it's something I have always relied on despite it's the post illogical approach, however... it has never failed me.

Well, based on astrology... that is how I function anyway - - I guess having a Saturn and Uranus conjunction in my 3rd House in the Galactic Center, natally is the cause of these information. As we speak, Sun and Mercury is venturing there right now... and this is maybe the reason why I am speaking about it. Interesting, don't you think?

Well, true or not. I just realized how powerful life is... especially when I look into the possibility that we think we live according to our own means but maybe, it's due to our soul and its divine timing. When I think of it this way... it becomes very interesting. It makes me wonder if I have repeated mistakes of the past, did I overcome them or have I made more regrets in this lifetime? These things and thoughts comes and overwhelm me but, I still ended up smiling as I write all these things that I share to you. I have no idea why, but I oddly felt satisfied to reveal parts of what's been going on my head.

Life truly is magical for better or worst, don't you think? :)