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Free Spell Tutorial: Know The Truth Spell

This is an oldie but a goodie - tried and tested by many! I believe that this is a "Wiccan Spell" (it has been so long and it is one of the very few wiccan spells I know), though I eventually had tailored it to suit my style on what it felt right to me.

So instead of its traditional name of being The Truth Spell - - I made it as Know The Truth Spell, as this is exactly what you will get from it!

To do this kind of work, you would need the following:

  • A white and blue candle - any taper or 4 inch candle will do and you could also use figural candles based on the people you want to seek answers / information or know somerhing on...

  • (optional) Talk to Me Oil & Clarity Oil - you can get this from my shop

You start by carving the full name of the person or situation to the blue candle and carve "let the truth come to me" to the white candle. If you do use the oils, start with the clarity oil first and then, talk to me oil.

Then, continue on by anointing the candles one by one in upward motion towards the wick of the candle and make sure that the wick is pointing towards you - - as you anoint it, focus on wanting to know the truth, hear the truth, to give you answers and clarity to find out the truth of a given situation.

Light the candle and aay these words:

"A spell of truth, I cast on you, deceit and all confusion leave. Speak now, (call their name) - and reveal the truth to me. With this light I can see, the truth be revealed, so mote it be."

I also sometimes would use this:

"A spell of truth I now have cast, will make all deceit and confusion not last. For I desire the truth and I want to know things. So, tell me now, as there's no way shape or form shall it be hidden away from me. For this will reach me and the truth I seek shall come to me. And in this light, I now see, everything will be revealed to me. And the truth, shall now be set free. So Mote It Be."

PS. I actually personally made this one, as I always feel the ritual more when I make the wordings and chant myself... you can use it if you like, as usual... I always find it hard to do the rhymings but I do enjoy it nonetheless, hehe.

Well, the idea of why I created my chant this way is to give the spell a work around, as in case there is stubbornness that it still be the truth will be hidden (as sometimes this does happens as well, most especially when you are not using any condition oils as well), then in some way, shape or form... things will come and be revealed anyway, even when it may not always come from the person we want to hear it from. The truth will still come forth to us and show us the light so clarity and truth will prevail.

Though... be careful on doing this ritual, as you will know the truth... but, sometimes, it may not be something we even want to hear or know at all. The truth hurts, as the saying goes... but for some people, knowing the truth can also be their only salvation.

So I guess... just be certain that you can handle it, if you really want to know answers. The chant I made is highly effective especially if you are using my oils as there is psychic messages that can come forth there and there are ingredients where "messages can travel" kind of effect to it, too. If you want to make it "Hoodoo Style" you can also add a petition paper and maybe use some controlling or influencing / compelling oils to it and command the person to tell you the truth. You can experiment as you like. I never really needed to use any compelling but that will definitely work well, too.

So yeah. Give it a try! Let me know the result if you do try this out this spell. Blessed Be.

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