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Magick / Spiritual Oils & Everything in the Magick Shop You Need to Know!

Perfume Bottle
Rosemary and Olives

Everything in my magick shop are what you would call as conjure or spiritual goods. They are handmade, blessed and ritualized and made with real and pure essential oils and real herbs and roots. In herbalism, each earth element has their own vibration and own activation of magick that it brings to us. What I do is that I activated each of them and blend them in ways that brings manifestation to the kind of oil you are purchasing. These are extremely powerful and effective and the oils I offer are ones that I have known and tested that have produced the best results. This is also the reason why they are not and never massed produced, they are all 100% natural. My oils are all purely with activation of earth and nature magick. 

There are MANY WAYS TO USE our Magick / Spiritual Oils!

There are many ways to use the the oils you purchase in the shop and you can use them in creative ways, too! The sky is the limit, really! I will be providing some information down below to get you started but do use them as you fit, too! You just need to remind yourself that when you use them, it must be set with intention based on what oil you have purchased.

A lot of questions most of the clients ask is that if it's okay to use more than one type of oil... and you know what? Most advanced to experts will always use more than one oil - - as long as you know that those oils will be good to be combined together, etc. The most successful workings are used with more than one oil, for sure!

When it comes to magick / spiritual oils, you would notice that there are various types of oils that you can use. One is something that brings things to you (which we call attraction work) and one is for clearing and removing things (good for cleansing work). 

Most of the time, when you feel the oil is not working for you... there is a huge possibility that you are blocked or have in need for cleansing work first. So it is advisable to do cleansing work, before doing attraction work. For beginners, there is a reason why Fast Luck Oil is the best recommendation for everyone. It has both unjinxing and attraction - - but if that does not work, you most likely will need a more intense cleansing work. So, I highly suggest you do that first. 

Different Ways to Use the Magick / Spiritual Oils:

Anointing the oils to yourself - anoint it to your pulses, heel of your foot or various areas of your body, rub it to your hands, etc and focus on what you desire to occur and come to you. (obviously, if you purchased an oil that is for negative working such as a break up oil, you are not to anoint this to yourself... so make sure you know what oil you are using and only do this for cleansing and attraction works.)

Dressing the oils to your candle to put in prayers, rituals and spells - adding few drops in your hands, rub it in and anoint the candle either towards you or away from you (depending on what kind of ritual you do) - - set your prayer and intention as you do and activate them before burning. 

Spiritual Bathing - add  a bit more drops of the oils to a huge pot of water as you set intentions, pour it as the very last stage of your bathing and don't rinse it with a non-dressed water, visualize and meditate for your intention and dry yourself.

Putting them in the Diffuser - another way a lot of my clients use it is by putting them in the diffuser and spread the intention to your entire space, sometimes the oil even can influence everyone inside the room.

Massaging it to yourself - you can do this to yourself or to another person, too... just do not forget the visualization and setting intention as you massage the oil to your body.

Using them as a Foot or Hand Wash - this is very similar to a spiritual bathing but focuses either on foot or or hands, it is usually when you want to get lucky to achieve things or want to put your foot with great luck - used for luck and cleansing work.

Adding them to your Tools or Furniture - another way to use the oil is to anoint them to certain items that you want the oil to influenced on, for example: your wallet, your entrance door, your windows, etc. 

Complex Issues / Oil Combination Needs

It is a no brainer that when you are in request for a specific request or more complicated issue, you will require more than one oil. A lot of times, even though you have a lot of highly complex oils... it is just not enough for one oil to get them all done for you and this is just the reality.  Use a combination of oils that suits your need. Use your intuition and trust the process. 

Getting Results with your Spiritual Goods

There is really no time frame with working with charms and oils. However, you do need to have trust that they will do the job and they will work. Some of my clients see the results crazy fast, some people takes some time... it really depends. It depends how you use the oils, you consistent you use it and your trust in the oil or the person who created the oil plays a huge role. Do take note, if you do not completely see any results... there are a lot of huge factors that comes in play there. Either you will require a cleansing, uncrossing, road opening work or your situation is more complicated than you think and it may require more help than just oils and charms alone. You can purchase a consultation reading if you like when that happens. Most importantly... it is essential that you know what goal you have in mind. Nothing vague or anything... remember, we work with earth and Mother Nature here and it is the same with Law of Attraction - - we need to know what we want. 

Other Spiritual Goods concerns...

Most of my charms are very simple to use. Upon purchase you get to have a copy on how to work with them, it is important to never lose them and continuously talk to it as if it's alive... the same way how you use a mojo bag. It is an item that will bring you result, please treat it with respect and sacredness.

The Powerful Love Charm does not have any instruction simply because it is not meant to have one. You just need to purchase it, have it... keep it near you, maybe near your bed space... shake it from time to time as you put your intention in... it is a charm that slowly works overtime even if you have it stay stagnant. It may be gradual but very effective - a lot of clients already had wonderful results with it!

Shaker Jars obviously meant to be shaken, instructions are within the package upon purchase. I will not reveal the method of using it here for the purpose to protect how it should be used... upon purchase, read the instructions. 

The Money Unblocking Jar one is something no need for shaking to occur. Just keep it near your space where you work or receive money. Trust me, more than the shaker jar it is my most favorite. It is a good opening path for abundance and money to come in... again, an item that is not fast but the result occurs gradually. You'll see the difference as time goes by.

Pre-loaded Candles are self-explanatory. They are candles that I have made that have either been loaded and activated with herbs and oils. All the prayer have been set to the candle already, you can use it in any ritualistic manner you prefer but all you need to do is to set an intention what it is for... and just burn it and all is well. I have done everything for you already to make it easier for you. I always suggest to at least do a candle burning whenever you have some request at least every month if all you know is a simple candle burning. If you know how to do a ritual yourself, do it every 3 or 6 months. 

Most of my incense and spiritual bathing are pretty simple to use. A lot of my clients asks me to make custom spiritual baths for them and some request incense blends for me to do... each are done with intentions as well. Incense in particular is a magick ritual in itself and all you need is to burn it on a charcoal disk (make sure you know how to use a charcoal disk properly for incense) - - it is also a huge booster when you do manifestation and rituals for yourself or if you are a rootworker as well, for your clients, too! Always a must have! 

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