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All testimonials posted here genuinely came from clients exact messages and reviews - no spelling has been altered, these have been taken from places and psychic platforms I've done my readings in the past. The names shown here are their nicknames, some with their actual names. If you want more information on testimonials and reviews - please search "Heart Divine" on google or psychic sites as I can't post all the short but good reviews people have given me, but I truly treasure each and everyone of them. I am showing you guys here testimonials, photos and screenshots I have saved on my files during those times that gives more details and information, so you will know more about the work that I do.


In case you want to send a testimonial or review to the service and worked I have done for you, which I honestly encourage that you do so, send in your honest and detailed reviews to me as I would love to know about it as well, please send it by clicking this link here.

“Thank you so much! UPDATE: She was the only person here that predicted exactly what would happen. She said he was already over the fight and he would even apologize and try to make up with me. I didn't believe her at first because it was such a bad fight but amazingly, she was right on! He came home and said sorry!!!!” Hanh
“As always she is very accurate she new what was gonna happen and uhhh it happen its funny how it works! her prediction did come true but it something i did not expected lol i expected prediction to happen in the obvious. Funny how the universe works but 1 predcition did come true!” Marky
“She is a really true psychic not in to the money but really wants to help by using her abilities very grateful to find her page... Very afordable... Thank u for shareing ur gifts with us ^^” Marky
“Truly a God-sent today. I am really grateful for her assistance and guidance. UPDATE (8/31/2011) - Today I received validation from the insights she provided. It's hard to have patience sometimes, but when you least expect it, you can see proof of things unfolding.” Sclarity
“LOVE talking to her. I don't know what I would do without her! She's so kind and generous and gives good advice. She always tries to help. She's really been helping me stay strong during a tough time. Really appreciate her time :) Give her a try you won't be disappointed!” Rainbow
“I am simply out of words she is a kind soul really willing to help people and she doesn't work for money ... talking to her is like talking to a friend and she cares .... if you want to know what exactly is going on she is the one ... she is my support system...” Lass
“She is a genuine soul. Her insights resonate and the advice she provides along with it make sense. She definitely isn't in it for the money. When I first came to her, I was at a very low point emotionally. What she perceived made sense given my situation, but being so drained, I was anxious to see it. I can honestly say, that I am slowly witnessing a lot unfold. I can only come back to give her that validation.” Sclarity
“The first time i've been caught off guard by how much someone could understand the dynamics of my complex relationships. She knew instantly several things about two different people in my life, and was aware that I already knew about some things.. She had proven her connection to me and her professionalism was outstanding, and did not leave me confused in any way. :)” Scorpio Doll
“She calms me down and has been making me face my biggest fears, she is not in this for the money but really wants to help. She is changing me as a person one day at a time - whatever she says will only happen if you follow her directions as trust me I was not and when started to things started falling into place.... she is awesome.... thankyou so much” Lost
“Love her empathic connected and her insight is very valuable when you are unable to understand by yourself...TY!! amazing” Ima
“Speak to her if you are ready to take your life in your hands and see how your life changes just as you want it to ... things happen but not over night its a process and you will not regret this process or the progress .... I am not the person who came to her a month ago anymore and I have seen myself how I have taken control over my life and things happened as she told me they would happen ... With her by my side I have no fear and things have unfolded as she has said but only because I did listen to her and did as she said ... if you are ready for a change this is your girl ! thankyou so much” Lost
“She was very intune with my situation. She has told me things verbatum of other readings I got before so I know she is not lying or just saying something random because it truly does fit the situation. She was really trying to guide me in the way to get what I desire. It is really hard when your used to be in control to follow directions however, I have a strong feeling what she told me is the right thing to do and with faith and humbleness I plan to make every attempt to do what she said. As I am tired of holding up my own desired outcome! This reading was enlightening for me and I felt like I was talking to a wise friend. I know she isn't that old maybe younger than me however, she is quiet mature and knowledgeable! She is very considerate of your time and your resources as well a truely caring advisor! Thanks so much and when finances permit I will surely come back to you and let you know that things have begin to happen as you predict.” Pink Pretty
“The truth believe it or not is something you already know because you feel it, you keep coming here so that either someone will lie to you or confirm your truth, what she told me I did not want to hear but I knew before I came here it was the truth and when she said it my spirit bared witness by giving me chills up and down the spirit only knows the truth although it hurts it also sets you free God only knows that the truth sets you free this was a long time coming should have happend a long time ago but it is never to late thank you she is gifted did not ask me not one single question but was accurate in everything she said. God Bless I will keep you posted.” Hanh
“Heart read for me like she was right in front of me. I was amazed at her insight and her reading of my situation. She is not only a reader but a guide as well. One of her predictions have come to pass, and now I can't wait for more. I have confidence in her abilities as a reader, am empath and an advisor. She wont sugar coat but will give you her time generously. Thanks heart for making me feel confident abt myslef and my life and for always being so accurate. All the good work you do will come back to you in threefold and more......” k19
“Heart always picks up SO quickly on the situation and gives the information that is needed to determine how to proceed. She's a wonderful psychic and talented energy healer as I can attest to after getting a healing by her - things have changed a lot for the better! Thank you! Give her a try!” Aly
“Very good reading. She is really helping thnk more positive and not dwell on the negative. I must say that now that I have started doing that good things have started to happen. I am making progress...its slow but progress. I am glad that I found her and I am looking forward to the future.” Lucky
“An excellent reader! I didn't have to give any background information in order for her to pick up on the situation precisely and accurately. Really kind and understanding, generous with her time, gave really detailed repsonses, and hope to see it all come to pass. Thanks!” Lilac
“I can't begin to explain how great she has been. When I first started talking to her I was negative and in a bad place. I am still growing and have more progress to do but she has helped me a lot. She is very honest and picks up on your feelings really well. Before her I had tried several psychics and I can honestly say that she is the best I have seen. She is amazing. You have to follow her advice though she is isn't a miracle worker but if you follow her advice good things will happen. I wanted to give an update. It has been a week since my reading and I have been so positive and upbeat. Definitely recommend using her. She gives you great insight and really helps to lift your spirits. Thank you for your continued guidance.” Lucky
“I don't know what happen but she was right on sooo accurate without asking a single question she was good!” Megan
“Excellent.. her prediction on him contacting me came true in June. Waiting for 2nd prediction to come true in jul ! Am glad to talk to her. its like talking to old friend. She knows everything and thats amazing and she pickup things immediately !!” May
“She read me and my boyfriend like reading a book! Her prediction came true in the past so I believe she will hit it again this time!” Hanh
“She's such a wonderful & genuine reader. She's definitely different from the other psychics on here. She explains to me everything & guides me on how to handle the situation (both routes- good & bad) and asked me to make my own decision. It was one of the BEST reading i've had so far. She's truly amazing :) xx” Grace
“This was a wonderful reading! I wouldn't skip past Heart Divine... Very generous with time, extremely insightful without all of the jargon - just straight forward and easy to understand with a great deal of respect and consideration... Great advice to back up what she is seeing! Can't say a bad thing about her and actually feel like I will sleep well tonight for a change! AWESOME xox” Mindi
“She is just amazing!! what she predicted in the past came to past a few days ago and the details of the insights she picks up really does blow me away...its like she reads me like a book, my fear, my doubts and everything... I would highly recommend her!!” Fanszu
“First time I meet this lady on Bitwine and I'm totally blown away by her reading! She is a real deal; all she needs is names and she gives all the details like she knows me in person!!! Very kind and generous with her sessions, giving me 100% clarity... Thank my lucky stars to have meet her, the pleasure is all mine! Loves her lots and will be back soon! <3” Miss Allure
“I have not talked to Heart Divine in awhile but she picks right up where we left off! She is phenomenal to say the least and very generous. Very caring and love her delivery of information! She has been spot on in past predictions, and I just know she will again! Try her she is real and one of the best!! Thanks so much!!” Parathy
“believe we got cut off but anyway, it was a wonderful reading as usual! HeartDivine is one of the handful I truly trust on this site.. she has been consistently honest with me and based on my past experiences with her readings, she has never steered me wrong which is why I come back. I feel like she was spot on in regards to my situation this time as well. She nailed the person in question's personality.. she was very accurate and her prediction is in line with what I've heard so all I can do is be confident and trust that things will turn out for the best. Thank you so much once again luv :)” Mimi
“OUTSTANDING! I'm coming back to leave a review because her prediction came to pass as quickly as she said it would. Not only was she pinpoint accurate with what she saw, and WHEN she saw it, but Heart Divine is a compassionate, insightful reader. She gets glowing reviews on this site, and I can see why. I felt positive and radiant following our chat. Thank you so much!!” Sonny
“All her reviews are true. She tapped into the situation accurately. Thank you. I will keep you posted.” Beasle

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