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Free Spell: Easy Candle Work for Cleansing and Reversing

So, I have been practicing this old technique for years and it has always been my emergency go-to as it is very effective. This one is something I would personally do, especially when I needed to get it done quick, here and now... or when I feel that it is an emergency that I need to get it done. It is also one of the best ways for me to do reversal work that I know and can attest is safe to do... (because, yes... other kinds of reversal working are not safe at all).

I did this work at the night of the New Moon yesterday in the sign of Virgo, and since Virgo is all about health and healing... I thought this is actually a good one to share. In fact... I was doing so much cleansing and protection work for myself yesterday. I guess that is how the New Moon in Virgo played out for me - - most likely, the aspect it has with Neptune did played a huge role in this.

Anyway, here is what you will need:

- White Tall Taper Candle

- A black pen marker or sharpie to write on the candle or you can also use a pencil for carving or a small knife / pin / nail / needles will work, too. It's up to you.

You do not need to anoint any spiritual oils for this one but you can do so if you like... I was taught by a mentor to do it this way and not put any oils specifically for this kind of work. Anyway, I will guide you guys through on how I have done this and how it was taught to me as well.

I first have sprayed over the white candle with rue mist spray or if you have a white sage or sage spray that will work as well - - this is for its spiritual cleansing of the candle. You may skip this as well if you like.

I set it a side for I undress myself - - yes, you need to remove all clothes including undergarments. Once that is done, you hold your candle and make a small prayer of intention. I have focused on the candle that it will absorb any form of negative energies, illnesses, psychic attacks, evil eye that may have been attached to me and has afflicted me - remove all that must be remove and any form of attacks from ill-willed people intentional or not, all will go inside in candle. Once I have set that intention, I start rolling the candle in downward motion starting from the crown of my head at the top until I would finally reach the ends to the soles of my feet.

Remember: You cannot roll it "up and down" but roll it down, then raise the candle manually to each a different area and then, "roll it down once again" - - ensure it touches every area of your body, especially the back of your neck, your neck itself, the crown of your head, your face / forehead area , your chest and even your stomach and private parts, etc. Do it slowly, one at a time, no need to rush.

In my case, after I was able to finish this I did another round but this time, I was rolling it down to my auric field so it doesn't really touch my skin and body but I was trying to also gather any form of negative energies that may be afflicting me or things that I wasn't able to catch to the candle - I was just rolling it in downward motion around me. Once that is done, I took my black sharpie pen and wrote out words in the candle like so, " Remove and Neutralize Illnesses, Evil Eye, Negative Energies" then I would roll the other side of the candle and write, "To all my Enemies Known and Unknown, Reverse and Return any harm that they sent towards me!"

I know a lot of people likes to do Return to Sender work and likes to use various cursing herbs along with it. I was not taught that way and I feel it was too risky as well as I felt like I am trying to do some "crossing" or "cursing" to someone. In other cases, some people may not even know who sent those things towards them and there is always a risk of mistake. Besides, there is really no guarantee that what is afflicting you is a person as it could have been a spirit as well. So, it is always just best to say to all your enemies, known and unknown - - that way, no matter who attacks you, whether you know them or not - it won't even matter anymore to begin with. The attack or damage they have caused you will be taken and it will deflect back to where it came from!

A lot of times, a lot of people - newbies or careless workers will throw things at you but will have no idea how to handle and fix things when a reverse has occurred to them. So, with this... I really do not think about who might attack me or what might afflict me as I did experienced a lot of powerful things with this method - it gets the job done very powerfully. Ofcourse, I do more elaborate measures along with it as well and I do some prayer work and layers of protection in addition - my guides will always be so supportive of me with these things as well.

Anyway, once you are done, just simply burn it on a fire-proof container - ceramic plate or a candle holder will work well. Just burn it until it's done. Have the light consistently on and do not blow it out until it is finished.

I was actually feeling terrible the entire day for some odd reason, it could be the energies or some affliction that I do not know but I had this weird feeling I have been hit in some form of way but I cannot verify nor tried (or did not do so, lol)! After I did this... after awhile I started feeling better. That actually alarmed me... as it actually meant that I did get hit or some afflictions really affected me as well. So... I was glad I did this. I did thought it would end there, apparently it didn't. lol... As the candle burned down - - the candle holder suddenly cracked up and popped! I was so shocked at first as this never happens to me at all! But oddly, I was never afraid and in fact, I felt a sense of safety and relief! But, one cannot be sure without confirmation.. So I had to do some divination work and I used the Bible.

At first I asked about what that situation meant for me and I got Nehemiah Chapter 2 verse 8, "And a letter unto Asaph the keeper of the king's forest, that he may give me timber to make beams for the gates of the palace which appertained to the house, and for the wall of the city, and for the house that I shall enter into. And the king granted me, according to the good hand of my God upon me." I was amazed by this and it was unbelievable as well.

This verse is actually talking about how Nehemiah asked for God's help regarding his request to the King... and the King was pleased and so, he agreed to help Nehemiah and even gave more than what was asked and gave him a safe passage and resources for his rebuilding.

I don't know about you but it freaked me out how much it goes in line with what I actually did and how everything just matched. It made me even felt that my Bible was alive... or maybe, God is just really talking to me through it. I even did a re-confirmation to give me a YES or NO answer, if it was safe for me to assume that what may have afflicted me has been dealt with and I am now safe and cleared up, and surprisingly... I got another one from Nehemiah - - different Chapter but still on the same one (this is actually surprising because there are so many in the Bible and I have been shuffling through it three times!

I ended up getting Nehemiah Chapter 5 verse 17, "Moreover there were at my table an hundred and fifty of the Jews and rulers, beside those that came unto us from among the heathen that are about us."

In this verse, it is said that 150 Jews and rulers have to attend Nehemiah's table - it is said that he received much from the King's provisions but instead of making a profit by himself, he showed his generosity and help to those 150 people. It is said that it was an act of good will where he did not take any personal advantage to someone's need. He was noble and did what a godly leader should always do... and that is, he never expected more to his people and put all his expectation upon himself. He did not demanded and did what he can by himself and for that... he was rewarded. He didn't boast himself to man but did all his good deeds for God.

I actually felt so much gratitude with this verse... it made me felt that a lot of people, guides, and maybe even ancestors and beings have assisted me in my cause... and for that, I am very thankful. I suggest you give this a try yourself - it is worth it. That pop and crack on the holder will not happen to everyone as it isn't something that normally happens anyway, in fact.. but I am glad I have done this as it has been truly a long while since I did... and mostly I would just use a smaller size candle, so I am glad I used a proper sized one this time. It was enough to blast off and truly overcome any adversary that has been afflicting me. And so, I am happy and grateful.

Truly... God is good, isn't He? :)


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