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Astrology of Weight Loss and Exercise Effectively

A lot of times, when it comes to weight loss and exercise, people will just look at things on what works for other people, copy it... thinking that it would be the best approach for them as well. There will be times that, yes... it can be effective to be true, but more often than not, many people will find that it doesn't suit them, they can't do it for long term or they just end up bouncing back their weight later.

It is very tricky and it does require self-discipline and willingness to keep off the weight, especially in our modern times where being slim becomes an element of what is presentable and beautiful, contrary to what people believed in the past, where the more you are plump and have meat, the more beautiful you are.

Many people experience body shaming and a lot of people will encourage people that hey - it's okay to eat, as long as you are happy. This is not me to talk about what is right or what is wrong... but in my experienced, I have noticed that looking into our Natal Chart / Astrology Birth Chart can actually help us find our ways on what may work for us when in comes to losing weight and exercise.

Now, when it comes to our body and frame in Astrology, they are mostly being signified and expressed by the 1st House and 2nd House of our charts.

  • The 1st House represents us as an individual, our own self, our image and body.

  • The 2nd House does represent our body in some form of way as well, but most often is also linked with our own energy, how we nourish ourselves and connected to the food we eat as well.

Then, we look into Mars as this is the area that signifies physical activity, action, energy and movement. So I mostly like this planet to the exercise and workout that suits a person. Then, I next give emphasis on the 6th House as this is connected to our health, wellness, and daily routines.

Ofcourse, despite knowing what technique is suited for us... hiccups is bound to be felt and experience. This is especially true if you have signifying factors that can actually trigger weight gain or chances of have eating disorders and other variables that promotes some form of expansion to our body. Typically, Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune plays a huge role when it comes to weight loss / gain issues. So aside from knowing what is best suited for you, I personally believe that our own decision to be healthy and to lose weight is a bigger factor.

We all have the ability to lose weight, despite how other people might have more struggles in losing them - simply because there are some planetary involvement that struggles with boundary issues and excessiveness. People tend to give a lot of excuses on not to do anything to lose weight at times.

People will ask... is it really important to lose weight, though? Well, honestly... it is a choice. It is a personal choice and that is the key factor to understand here.

With Astrology, one can know what methods they can do to effectively lose weight, what exercise they should be working on and keep off the weight for good while maintaining the healthy lifestyle that suits you but all of these things will never be tapped on if we don't have the willingness to actually change and implement things.

While food in-take is usually one factor that gives a factor if one will lose weight or not, how we move and exercise plays a huge role as well. There are people who don't eat much, but still gain weight - simply because they never move, or exercise, possibly they live a sedentary lifestyle.

Mars is the planet of action that get us going, the activity we do, etc. I believe exercising and working out based on our Mars sign can be a huge factor in a person's weight loss journey. Ofcourse, it's also important to study the 1st, 2nd and 6th House, their rulership and all that for a more personal and detailed analysis. If you want, we can look into that in a simple astrology reading as well, you can book it here:

Though honestly, just knowing your Mars sign and exercising with your Mars to activate this energy already does a lot of wonders. People can actually see, if they exercise a lot and do it consistently using their Mars - - they can actually lose weight a lot more effectively.

Find out what your Mars sign is and look at the Mars Sign Workout that suits you so you will be able to lose weight. Remember, Mars acts and initiates and it also cuts.

Mars in Aries - For these people, they would need intensity in their workout and make it as a routine. They usually are good when they have a coach that works along side with them and always do some form of change in their workout so they don't get bored. They can easily lose weight through sports activity as well.

Mars in Taurus - These people mostly don't like things in the extreme department. As it is ruled by Venus, beauty and grace plays a huge role for them. So they will be good for anything that is "slow" - might be slow and long walks or jogs, doing yoga for weight loss or doing Pilates workout might suit them. Weight Lifting can also be good for these people, slow and steady wins the race, they say.

Mars in Gemini - A lot of these people will benefit from walking, running - do it quick, do it fast! They like being on the move. They might even enjoy talking to someone, or listening to music while doing so. They can also benefit a lot with martial arts / boxing type of workouts where the use of hands is evident.

Mars in Cancer - It might be best for these people to workout from home and cook their own meals, prepare their own meals that helps and promote to their diet and weight loss. Their emotions and stress can also play a huge factor in their weight, so these things needs to be address as well. Yoga and Pilates will also be good for these people, along with exercise that deals with water.

Mars in Leo - Fun and excitement makes these people feel more energized and alive. They would be good with dancing, aerobics, Zumba or anything that has a lot of movement. They are best when they do group or team exercises with people where they can socialize, stand out and have fun, so playing with people through some sports activity is also something they might want to engage in as well.

Mars in Virgo - For these goal oriented people, it's important that they have a goal to accomplish no matter what their exercise regime is. They just need to get something done and complete the task and make a routine out of it. That is the best way for them to do their workouts. They might actually enjoy circuit training and yoga in their routines.

Mars in Libra - A lot of people think that Libra works well in team sports and activity, but many times... that is not the case when it comes to exercise and workout. Because it is ruled by Venus, a sensual energy surrounds this people - they aren't like Taurus where they can do so much weight lifting as well... sometimes, these things may not work out for them. For these people, it is best that they do "easy" kinds of workouts. but do them in repetition and commitment to actually do the workout itself. They can also benefit in working with someone to join and help them like a coach, but if the other person is forcing them to do the extremes - they might not show up or it may just result in various stresses for them. A lot of these people can benefit in one on one coaching (with someone they are comfortable in) or doing their workout at home - maybe through some cd exercises or youtube workouts.

Mars in Scorpio - This is another sign that works well when things are intense, so any martial arts will benefit them greatly. They will very much enjoy boxing, crossfit, circuit training as well. They enjoy doing things to the extremes, so they will enjoy doing various weight lifting. For some of them, they will like to challenge themselves with heavy weights as well or maybe they can benefit from wearing some sauna suits while doing their workout. Some of these people can also enjoy pole dancing.

Mars in Sagittarius - Anything that gets their adrenaline going is what suits this sign the most. They will like most workouts, sports oriented activity, but they will be very much interested to have some travel and adventure combined together. They like to do things differently and experience things in different ways each time. They would be good for hiking, mountain climbing, rock climbing, surfing etc. Workouts that always uses their hips and feet will get them going for the most part, as long as it's enjoyable and fun to do. For some people, treadmills can even be their bestfriend.

Mars in Capricorn - For these people, it is best to do their workout in long duration, whether it's running, or walking. It is best when there is a goal or challenge to overcome as well. Rock and Mountain Climbing or Playing Golf are things these people can do as well. Any form of body building, weight lifting are things they can do - a bit of physical challenge here and there does not scare them. They are strict and true to their routines as well. Going to the gym (especially good if its near their workplace), being committed to their routines to keep their body and health in check does the job for the most part.

Mars in Aquarius - These people can mostly do anything they like, in fact... they prefer it that way, they like the freedom of doing so. They can enjoy aerobics or any kind of team exercise workout, doing some bicycle training as well, dancing, yoga and pilates. They just like to do things differently and would like to try something new each time. They would most likely try the latest trend of workout and exercises, but mostly, group exercises benefit them the most - so it's best for these people to attend exercise classes. Working out with their friends and peers might be something they will enjoy to do as well.

Mars in Pisces - As people with the least sense of reality for the most part, they don't like too much force in things. So, Yoga, Pilates, Walking in Nature might actually good for these people, along with water sports activities like swimming. These people might also find interest in working in their spiritual development and using Theta Healing for their weight loss journey. Exercises that uses their feet a lot can also be something they engage in and becomes beneficial for them.

Looking into your Mars is just one aspect of the scenario. I would advise you to look into your 6th House, 1st and 2nd House and the rulership of each of them to know more on how you can effectively lose weight. (Mostly, if you are struggling, these areas and houses is also the reason why you are struggling and you may need to find your way to work around them so change and transformation can be implemented in your lifestyle)


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