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7th House in Astrology - By Signs Meaning (and how you are in relationships)

7th House by Signs in Astrology - comprehensive meaning and guide to knowing more about your 7th House and how you handle and interact with relationships / partnerships, exclusively. :)

Let's begin!

7th House in Aries - They easily get in contact with other people - - very, very fast. In relationships, they can be very impulsive and impatient. When they get into relationships, they want it to move forward very fast - - which leads to situation of relationships not lasting long enough and brings many changes in partnerships. They have a tendency to have many partnerships that are not so permanent of even if there is just one - - it's always on and off. They prefer to communicate closely to one person instead of closely being connected with many people at the same time - they aren't capable to do such a thing. They are mostly prone to only one to one communication and partnerships. They can benefit from people who are very active, who can stimulate and motivate them to be more initiative and take some risks.

7th House in Taurus - Very stable in partnerships. They have a need for stability, very constant whenever they have interest towards someone and once they get in a relationship, they are mostly willing to stay in it. They have a strong desire to own their partner and does not like changes - - they do not like unplanned and sudden things occuring in their partnerships. As much as possible, they will avoid ang form of changes to occur, they prefer things to always remain the same for as long as possible. The downside to this is that even when the relationship is not working out, they might still be unwilling to make helpful changes or leave the relationship even when it's not right for them any longer. They can be too rigid and fixed, but they are truly caring and one of the most caring people - / which is why they are very devoted to taking care and showing their love to another. The best partner for them is someone who will be practically be grounded, stable and reliable. They do not like poetic words and romantic promises. They need facts and real evidences in most cases.

7th House in Gemini - They are very capable in cooperating with others to form conversations. As the most sociable sign, they are easy going and capable of initiating contacts with others. They are ready and willing to have conversations with others. The need to have constant conversations and active form of communication is very important to them. Exchanging thoughts, ideas with their partners is an essential need. They are attracted to partners with some intelligence in them, who can help them learn new things. On the other hand, we should say that truly, they are not the most stable one out there. They have a constant need for variety. That is why sometimes, the area of relationships tends to be quite unstable. They tend to lose their interest in their partner and capable on giving up on that relationship as a result. In most cases, they always lead a very active life. They may have many partners because they get un contact with others easily. Addition to this, once they are no longer attracted to their partner, they can easily change partners really, really fast!

7th House in Cancer - Very emotional, capable to connect emotionally with people but does not initiate things. They are often shy and need a lot of time in order to trust their partners so they can stop feeling so stressed out. They are gentle and kind to their partners, the only challenge to them is that they can be too passive - - avoiding any kind of initiatives in terms of relationships. Even if they are attracted to someone, they may wait for the other person to take the initial step first.

7th House in Leo - They enjoy taking the leading role when they communicate with another person. They have a constant need for emotional experiences in the area of relationships. Even if their nature is rational, when it comes to close partnerships and serious ones, they might be very emotional. They are really spontaneous and confident in communicating with others. However, the challenge is that they can be too selfish or egocentric in their close relationships. They also have high expectations and requirements towards their partners. They desire to have strong emotions in partnerships and it is a necessity to them. The challenging side to this is that they may be really frustrated after their exciting relationship as it turns into something routine and well known. Their constant need for excitement might be the reason why many of these people are capable of leaving their current partner and search for some other fresh and newer experiences.

7th House in Virgo - They are capable of having good communication with partners, it does takes a lot more time to connect. It is a sign of taking care and helping other people. They may attract partners who has a constant need of help and support. The problem is that they are prone to analyze everything. They may think a lot about their relationship and partner. From one side of a coin, it makes them be really concerned about their partners but on another hand, it only makes them be criticizing. This constant thinking process leads to hesitation and doubts. That's why they always have that feeling of being unsure if they have made the right decisions in terms of relationships. In order for them to find happiness, they need to be more rational and practical. They need to rely more on objective facts, instead of just their fantasy, dreams and desires.

7th House in Libra - It's easy to form connections and relationships, needing a relationship or audience is a must. Always need a close communication to another, but would only care if the other person likes them. Always hesitating in relationships and when choosing a partner. Can't make up their mind to commitments. Very capable to be romantic. The most important thing for them is that their partner can help them find their own balance in their own life, lol.... they can be a good partner, though - - just that, there are times they are selfish as the other person is the one who needs to adjust - not them. (after all, having a 7th Libra, means you are an Aries Rising).

7th House in Scorpio - Does not take the initiative and is not active in forming relationships with another person. However, they are very emotional. They can be really attached and dependent on their partner, especially when there is a strong emotional bond. They have a habit of wanting to own / possess their partner, wanting to be fully connected to them - - has a lot of strong desires to connect energetically, but they are keeping this in secret. A closet type of person, if you know what I mean. They akso have a lot of suspicions, it takes time before they completely trust someone.

7th House in Sagittarius - Very active in initiating and connecting with others and establishing relationships. They love to talk and interact with others - - they are happy and fulfilled when they are together with someone. Connection with others and making relationships makes them feel they are successful. They usually know the right people who can help and support them - thus, going after those people. These people receives the best opportunities from people in their life. It can be romantic, or maybe just a person they can be close to. In most cases, they have too many people to talk to and communicates with - - which makes them have a tendency to have more than one romantic partnerships. Most of the downside to this placement is that they can be too pretentious in their partnerships and they may choose their partner according to the benefits they might receive from them.

7th House in Capricorn - They have a strong sense of duty and responsibility in terms of relationships and they require the same from their partner. They want a serious and engaging relationship. Usually, they are not okay with just hanging around. This brings delays, obstacles and challenges in relationships. It may turn out that it's difficult for them to attract an emotional and sensitive partner. Furthermore, there can even be an emotional barrier and distance with partners due to boundaries and restrictions.

7th House in Aquarius - Very good in creating relationships with people, they easily get in contact with others and are capable of taking the initiative. They usually have very unusual relationships. They have a strong desire for freedom, thus, they have a constant need for personal space and want their partners to provide them enough freedom. They are a very friendly sign, very easy going and sociable. It's so important for them to see a friend in the face of their partners. Very intellectual, they value the intelligence of their partner and gets easily inspired and inspire others. They are capable of appreciating the exceptional and unordinary ideas of others, especially those coming from their closest. Since this is a sign of change, it is no surprise that they often change their partners and move from one relationship to another.

7th House in Pisces - These people avoid taking the initiative as much as possible, they are most sensitive and delicate - - vulnerable when emotionally connecting with others. They are consciously or unconsciously having guilts in relationships. This guilt may lead to feeling that in order to pay for that guilt, they need to make some sacrifice for their partners or close people. This is one of the reasons why they always attract people who need help and someone who is ready to take responsibility for them. Very often, they may attract partners who act as if they are victims of sorts.... The challenging side is that they always have confusion and misunderstandings in relationships with people. They are confused and unaware of what they really need and want in terms of relationships. They may also feel as if they are always attracting inappropriate partners. On a positive note, they have the ability to emotionally understand other people - - empathy, devotion and responsiveness are all in their relationships (at least, them towards others is like this).

Enjoy! I hope you have found this helpful! Please take note that planets in the 7th house & its aspects can change its meaning, etc. How did this relate to you? Let us know by commenting down below! Share us your thoughts!

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