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Astrology Answers

Sometimes, all we really needed is to understand what is really going on, why are certain things happening and how can we navigate this? How to work with it and is there any way we can make use of certain energies that is not harmful to us?


In this reading, Krissy will take a look on your situation on a particular issue you may be at wits end... how this could be playing out on your own chart and how this might play out in your life. Sometimes, everything you do is not enough, you did all the work and still things are not going as planned. Sometimes... it's really in the stars.


It is a debatable topic, but sometimes... you just cannot defy certain things with might and belief alone. You need to understand them and know how to work with them. Knowing the problem is the key with finding a solution. This reading tells us the main concern or alignment of astrological issues that is affecting you which may include some advice and remedy that can resolve your concerns. 


Sometimes, all you need is an astrologer to help and guide you with things! This reading can be delivered through your e-mail address and can be done usually within a week or so. 

Astrology Answers

  • No refund policy, especially when the reading has already been sent to you. Due to the digital nature of the service, we cannot offer such thing. Please understand, thank you.

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