Planets Combust by Transits and what it means?

A combust planet in astrology is a phenomenon that occurs when a planet gets too close to the Sun. The metaphor used by most astrologers here is that, due to Sun’s ray of light, any planet that comes to close to it gets burned and becomes invisible.

Now, this is a very debatable subject that is interpreted differently by many astrologers. What I am going to be sharing here is from my own practice, experience and research based upon the effects of combust planets through transit not combustion through your own birth chart or horoscope, so please keep that in mind as you continue to read on this article.

The main reason I decided to share this is to give awareness to people as combust planets really makes a difference not just on a collective level but in our everyday lives as well. Many astrologers would often talk about combustion, but it’s mostly relating to combustion through your own natal chart – not really by transit. And, when some few does talk about its effect by transit – it’s still relates to the effect when it’s combust in your natal birth chart.

By transit, when a planet is combust, there are two factors that usually occurs. It’s either they lose their power and significance or the planet becomes enraged due to the oppression it gets from the Sun. So, what sign the planet is in becomes at that time of combustion is a crucial factor to consider, if the combustion is indeed becoming weak or are they being mad and too strong to control like a rebelling child in its adolescent years.

The common denominator here is that, they are both not going to work in their own natural nature but I believe it would be wrong to conclude that it will be harmful and not beneficial.