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Planets Combust by Transits and what it means?

A combust planet in astrology is a phenomenon that occurs when a planet gets too close to the Sun. The metaphor used by most astrologers here is that, due to Sun’s ray of light, any planet that comes to close to it gets burned and becomes invisible.

Now, this is a very debatable subject that is interpreted differently by many astrologers. What I am going to be sharing here is from my own practice, experience and research based upon the effects of combust planets through transit not combustion through your own birth chart or horoscope, so please keep that in mind as you continue to read on this article.

The main reason I decided to share this is to give awareness to people as combust planets really makes a difference not just on a collective level but in our everyday lives as well. Many astrologers would often talk about combustion, but it’s mostly relating to combustion through your own natal chart – not really by transit. And, when some few does talk about its effect by transit – it’s still relates to the effect when it’s combust in your natal birth chart.

By transit, when a planet is combust, there are two factors that usually occurs. It’s either they lose their power and significance or the planet becomes enraged due to the oppression it gets from the Sun. So, what sign the planet is in becomes at that time of combustion is a crucial factor to consider, if the combustion is indeed becoming weak or are they being mad and too strong to control like a rebelling child in its adolescent years.

The common denominator here is that, they are both not going to work in their own natural nature but I believe it would be wrong to conclude that it will be harmful and not beneficial.


When Mercury is combust by the Sun – Mercury combustion to the Sun is not a very surprising thing as it’s something that often happens as it is the closest planet to the Sun. Sun is “God” and Mercury is the “Messenger” – getting news, insights from above.

In Greek mythology, this is like Mercury having a conversation with Zeus. This has an element of a lot of internal work, considering things, making plans and reflecting on various things and situation which could be both related to the past, present and future. So technically, it is not really the best time to implement things because there is always a chance that what you are planning may not work – you might even change your mind later.

I wouldn’t go as far to say that it is acting like a Mercury Retrograde – not really, because it is a case by case basis. It also matters how close the Sun and tight the orb is towards the planet. In most cases, it’s easy to notice how sales easily drop during this time. I have notice some friends and clients of mine would have literally, zero sales – often happens especially when they are ruled by Mercury, itself. Practically speaking, I think just knowing if there will be a combust Mercury is a big help for many business owners to be able to plan ahead on what they can do so they can be more prepared when the actual event occurs.

When Venus is combust by the Sun – A Venus combustion by transit is always not happy, simply because Venus likes to shine and feel good about herself. So when it’s combust, there is a tendency to feel ugly and have a low self esteem.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty and pleasure so, it’s very important for this planet to feel good and special. When it’s combust, sometimes not only it makes a Venus ruled person feel low but can also make a person quite pessimistic. This happens regardless if you are Venus ruled or not but it’s most especially potent to those who are Venus ruled, because they will feel and experience it, a lot more. Sometimes it acts as a depression, but depending on the alignments happening in the sky – it will eventually make us want to take action to what will make us feel good.

So, there is a frustration when Venus is combust… but it’s not a doormat, it will definitely rise up to things and do something to shine and be beautiful once again – even in its combustion stage.

When Mars is combust by the Sun – Mars combustion is always agitated, from my experience this is the only planet that when combusted alone, is highly depended on what sign it is in. Sometimes this can manifest where the usual energy and robust of Mars is weakened and at times, the combust Mars is very infuriated where it is labeled as mad and angry.

So, it technically does not mean Mars is not becoming Mars but it’s becoming out of control planet, especially prominent for those people who have a lot of mars-type of quality. The impulsiveness, reacting and acting harshly and aggressively becomes strong.

There is always a major twist of elements when it comes to combust planets by transit, because it also differs when one, two or even three planets enters its combustion stage. It always gives a different element of result. I have noticed that the planet’s term and dignity place an important factor as well.

(You might need some basic to intermediate astrology knowledge to understand what I meant, but basically, it gives an element of influence to the planet itself which is why it has an important role, especially when checking transits, etc.)

Most often than not, when the combustion happens by transit – the planet that was combusted by the Sun becomes a lot more prominent, meaning it reacts more. It’s rarely becoming less powerful, in fact… we might notice that we might doing more Mercury, Venus or Mars related things – despite the combustion, though the overall result of that action we’ve taken cannot be analyze nor predicted in a general manner. Again, case by case basis – a lot of factors are involved and to be considered but for the most part, it’s not harmful because, there are times when it is something necessary that pushes us forward to take action, where in we would often not take any action.

When Saturn is combust by the Sun – Saturn combustion is one of the most interesting things, in my experience… interesting does not always mean good, it’s just the fact of the matter that Saturn is also a God but of a different nature to the Sun. He is known as the God of Time, Cronus. The effects of this combustion will depends how a person sees things…

For example: If Saturn has always been oppressive to you, then you might notice that you will be able to have a sense of freedom during its combustion because the restriction it initially gives you has a lesser grip now, which can be liberating so some people.

In other cases, people can find a Saturn combustion very scary and destructive as well because it will feel like living in a lawless land or country – it doesn’t really make people feel safe and secure. In this time and age, this can manifest in a way where, there’s a lot of crimes that could occur because Saturn is not acting in its dignified state. It’s easy to get robbed, hit and run type of scenarios, etc.

Remember, Cronus is also known to be the god that swallowed his own sons upon their birth – so there is this element of disgrace and shameful habits of people coming up as well.

When Jupiter is combust by the Sun – When Jupiter is combusted, there is an element that we are being tested by God. We are tested with our own beliefs and a test of temptation. In my study, this is really when it is a wise thing to do to be more careful of our own actions. It is not like Saturn where in, things can be triggered by people in our environment. When Jupiter is combust, there could be an element of doing something that could be self-sabotaging as a result.

The best analogy that I can give here is to think of the Sun as the source of power that gives a boost of energy to the planet that comes near to it. So, it’s technically not really a bad thing, but just like in medication, when we overdose a drug, it’s never good for us. In worst scenario, we will have a lack of control on something, ’till it blows and burst up.

This is exactly what happens when a planet is combusted and because the nature of Jupiter to give us some form of lesson and to teach us… we tend to experience things in such manner, that can be somewhat of harsh experiences and lessons as a result of our own action. The tendency to feel we are not protected is felt and people who are given to temptations and doing things that are immoral are prone to act in such a way that can give them some form of disgrace later on. Jupiter is about expansion, luck and absorption.

It takes in everything. It swallows everything without a regard whether it’s something toxic and poisonous or something healthy… it’s also to lose faith with God during these testing times, which is why the actions we take during a time when Jupiter is combust must be taken in careful consideration.

If we acted mean and cruel to people in the past, we become vulnerable to attacks, in case some people try to harm us. It has that element… people may do things over the top to a point of exaggeration. I have noticed that a combust Jupiter at times, can create a very huge impact on a person’s life even after the combustion itself.

I would say, there could be an element of fate and destiny type of scenarios that influences things in our lives, but it is something I am still considering at this point.

What is very clear to me is that, combust planets are not invalid planets – like some would say. It’s not a matter of not to do this or not to do that… but it’s very crucial to know that combust planets acts best behind the scenes and is never suggested a time of implementation where in you are desiring some form of concrete results. This goes regardless of the planet of combustion happening in the sky.

A combustion is not like a retrograde, though it may seem like the effects are similar… but no. In fact, a combusted planet can at times, produce more lasting and staying results contrary to a retrograde for good or bad it may be.

The Sun gives awareness into things, so when a planet gets closer to it… the planet that was combusted becomes an area of focus in our life – whether it’s playing out in a way that is detriment or beneficial to us. It gives power to the planet regardless if it’s helpful or not and this is why it’s very crucial to get an astrologer to take a look on the chart first, before making a predictive judgment because the effects differs and one can’t give an end result to things just because they know that certain transiting planets will be combusted.

Last but not the least, I’d like to add that depending on the combination of the planets combusted, it can say a lot to what the influences we might experience as a result. If they are not too close to the sun, yet still combusted… there are cases that it can give a good amount of productive results, which are beneficial and life changing – especially if it lands in a specific area in a person’s chart. It can have some importance to the path they have in the future, which mostly has a positive nature to it.

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