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Money Shaker Jar

Truly, this is the most popular one as most of the reviews are raving for this one!


The Money Shaker Jar literally does what it says it does - it shakes things up!


It is especially good for people who have been having no luck or finding themselves in a situation where money is inconsistent and not flowing / coming in their life.


Be warned: IT WILL WORK. Thus... if money is already flowing to you it is highly not recommended to purchase this one. As that might give an opposite effect.


Only purchase this if money is inconsistent or having a hard time to flow and come to you. Upon receiving this item, you will be required to shake it with all your heart as you think about the "request" you have given to me when you purchased it, continue shaking for a few minutes and when it feels right, you may stop. Shake it whenever you feel like doing so once a day. Once the money is flowing in regularly, you may stop and just set it aside - it will act as a money charm that becomes a talisman for your money to continue flowing in. If you notice the shift slowing down, repeat the process and shake again! Good Luck!


PS. Please know that this every 6 to 12 months, you may need to replace this to empower the item as you cannot expect a ritualized item to be effective for your entire life. It needs to be replaced at least once a year. 

Money Shaker Jar

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