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Here are some new age and metaphysical goods that I have gathered across the globe overseas in various locations of authenticity and tradition. Feel free to browse and purchase as you like. Since it is not found locally, please do know that most of these might be in limited stock. Depending on the demand, it may come available in the future if I am able to get them again. However, please do know that there is no guarantee they will be restock as some of the items are also rare to be seen or available even overseas, especially if they have their own rarity and value.


Note: Please do know that I am not a "crystal shop" so I usually only collect certain crystals that I know that I personally vouch for and I can recommend to people because of the value it has. Also, the crystals I have on these site are ones I have gotten directly on mine site suppliers and people who directly do their own mining as well. I cannot tell you how much the authentic value of these things are (it doesn't mean you cannot go and buy to other shops you know, so feel free to do that if you like) I mainly made these available for people like me who actually values the authenticity of the products I am personally a person of such nature. So I can guarantee you are getting every bit of the natural quality of stones and crystals and its healing and magical qualities as well. Like all kinds of curios and products, they are curios, and does not do the work without any form of knowledge and work on your part. So please do be aware of that. I will try my best to provide some insight with these products, so feel free to browse whenever you can. Thank You.

I tried my best to make this as much as affordable to everyone to the best of my ability. So please do take the chance to get these crystals and gemstones as they are of higher quality, too. If you have any form of request, I will try to get them next time if I do drop by there again. Enjoy these collectibles! Please know I may post some other new age items and collectibles in the list which may or may not be a crystal, so check this page from time to time when you can.  Enjoy Shopping (I deliberately made this cheaper than it's supposed to be so goodluck!)

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