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Lustful Obsession - get into their head, passion  & desire

Lustful Obsession is one of the best oils to have if you are needing more "oomph" to your situation and needs. It does have some coercive element to it - so there are ingredients for domination, and control towards your target. Though most of the blend are highly focused on "passion and desire" to wake up that "obsessive" factor, as when we are too focus on something, we desire things too much - - it definitely, leads to obsession and this is simply what it really does. The idea of this oil is to bring an element of irresistible attraction, getting to ones head, being soo attracted to you, with much lust and desire, intensifying these feelings and instilling them so they would want to desire you and have the "eagerness" to desire you.


Lustful Obsession Oil has a lot of ingredients regarding romantic partnerships and attractions, but most importantly, is that they are highly focus on "making someone do things, making them easily entice and led to..." and due to its strong vigor and lust for desire, this can easily lead to sexual encounters. In fact, it can totally awaken the animalistic instinct in everyone. It can also be used for situations when you feel someone is always being dull or not in the mood for sexy time - - this can wake things up and just make them be ready. Whether if its for a male or female, this oil can help put things forward and just step up. It has ingredients that make you irresistible to your target as well. Please be mindful this can also make someone very sexual, depending how the oil is used.


There are many ways to use this oil, whether you anoint it to yourself, candle magick, photo anointing or doing some trick of using the oil in body massaging your target, etc... It is highly advisable thought to use this oil with warning and use your own discernment, as this is still "obsession" oil and while a lot of people desire the idea... sometimes, it is just not for everyone as some can be very crazy obsessive and we don't want that. Again, please do use with discretion. You have been warned. Also, please do know this oil can also be used for attraction or at least, finding a sexual partner... but there is no guarantee it will last. 


Please note that if you are in a fight with someone - this is definitely not the oil to use, as if you are in a fight with someone this will only bring about and manifest all the anger issues of someone towards you and things can get messy. Know how to use the oil properly and set your intention as specific as possible.


Best to use this oil with Forget Me Not & Follow Me Boy or Follow Me Girl. You may also include Come to Me Oil as well.

Lustful Obsession - get into their head, passion & desire

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