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Cut & Clear, Be Gone Oil - cuts away heavy negativity, bad habits & trauma!
Cut & Clear, Be Gone Oil is a personal favorite, simply because it's always a self-help go to kind of an oil. It is especially made to cut and clear things so that you can have a "restart" and start things new and fresh. It cuts away heavy negative influences and vibrations, along with trauma and bad habits we may have. 

It is usually an oil most workers used it letting go of someone, cutting negative cords and such... though, I personally like to use it to help cut away unhealthy habits / bad habits (especially with overeating and other forms of bad patterns in ones life, like when you overindulge, overspend despite you know you shouldn't - you still kept going anyway, this would do the job no magfer how stubborn you can be!) 

This is also good in cutting away obstacles and difficulty that gets in the way for you. It may cut away illness with some effort of use, too. Use it after a reading session (if you do tarot readings) so you don't carry lingering baggages your client may have - can be used by any therapist or consultants as well. If you suffered from trauma and depression, this is also a good oil to use. 

Add some drops of this oil to a white candle to anoint, carve a phrase, word or request and let it burn. You can also put some drops of this to a bowl of water (water that has been prayed over to cleanse and purify) and just leave it in the room of where you stay overnight. As morning comes throw it away, negativity will be absorbed and ang sickness and negative vibrations will be thrown out along with it. You can also anoint this to yourself depending on what intentions you put yourself on it.

My favorite way is to use it on certain parts of my body that has some bad habit lingering on - for example, my throat for eating too much or my hands when I overspend and all that. Sometimes I use it to write a phrase on what I want to rid of - - and drop some oils in there, too. 

Made with biblical herbs like Hyssop and Rue and many more for a stronger effect of this oil.

Cut & Clear, Be Gone Oil - cuts away heavy negativity, bad habits & trauma!

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