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Lunaria Talisman - for good luck, good fortune and wards off evil & dark magic

Lunaria Talisman is connected to Luna (Moon), it has a dried silvery oval pods that gives a similar reflection of the Moon. It is very protective and in ancient times, it has been known to keep away from dark and evil magick, along from monsters of all sorts. It is meant to be used to aid in protection, prosperity and alchemy.


It has been said it is meant to encourage honesty, and to recall things that have been forgotten. It is very healing and soothing. In some cultures, it is also considered as a money plant. It mainly represent honesty, money and sincerity - it gives a promise of wealth and abundance to its user.


It also has all the magical properties of the Moon, thus is associated to psychic sensitivity, dreams, fertility, reconciliation, desires, water, emotions and more.


It can also help you uncover deceit, it can attract good fortune, especially wheb you keep it in your pocket. It helps open lock doors, break chains that binds you, plus it keeps away all dark and evil spirits and negative magick.


It is also known to possess celestial vitality which gives one awareness, empowerment and help to transend one to its soul's journey.


This amulet also has certain magickal activations and infused by Reiki elements for protection and abundance of wealth. It gives a strong link to your good ancestral connection and is aided by the spirit of fae and nature.

Lunaria Talisman - for good luck, good fortune and wards off evil & dark magic

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