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Love & Attraction, Drawing & Reconciliation Powder

If you have no idea what are conjured powders or sachet powders are, please read more about it here: What Are Sachet Powders?


All around Love, Atrraction, Drawing & Reconciliarion Sachet Powder. Can be used for mojo bags, dusting, applying it on body as a body powder, use on love letters, documents, added on gifts, using it on candles and rolling it in to the candles for added power. Use with intention - or if you just want to add a form lf love, attraction, charm and irresistable energy to you.


This is good way to level up your magick, manifestation and rituals. You can use it to load and roll to your candles, sprinkle it round, place in your love altar or have an area with a photo of you and your lover with this love powder with it to bring that energy to your relationship.


You'll receive a pack of 2 oz size bottle container 50ml. (I only made 1 batch a time... since sachet powders are actually really hard to make as it is a powder that can be applied to the body so it is not simply just some random food grade powders but various ingredients grinded together, set with intention and various essential oils blending in with purpose and it uses a crazy amount of ingredients, too. Sachet powders usually can be applied to ones self - cosmeticslly and should not be harmful to the skin as well.


Please do know it doesn't contain toxic materials but it is not meant for good in-take. This is a conjured sachet powder for its purpose. Thank You.

Love & Attraction, Drawing & Reconciliation Powder

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