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Sachet Powders are usually a mixture or blend with the use of Mineral Powdees, Zoological Powders and Botanicals. Some can be unscented and are scented to act as a perfume. 


In old days, people put these powders in a small sachet to be placed in their linen, lingerie drawers to add scent and some women put some sachet in between their breast. Depending on the nature of the sachet, it can be carried to prevent disease as kids put it around their neck.

Now, the sachet powders that we know are known to be considered as "magical powders" and they are not the same with other herbal compounds where fragrance and aesthetic enjoyment are most valued. With these magical powders since tradition, it is based on its formula that are designed for its given purpose. Just like spiritual oils, the powders also used in similar method and sometimes, can be used in more variety.

While oils can be used go dress candles, people or any wood, paper, & clothing; the powders can be sprinkled in the ground, worn on the person (some women use them as part of their make-up or cosmetic routine), more importantly, it can also be used on papers, documents and candles the same way an oil dust, but it won't stain important documents - sometimes, this is more preferred by people so they can hide that "a work has been done" on a letter.

Other ways to use sachet powder:

  • Placing piles at the corner of the room or place.

  • Placing them on street

  • Sprinkle as you walk

  • Blowing to North, West, East, South with intention

  • Blow towards a person, place or target

  • Dressing your altar candles

  • Dressing money, cards, applications, documents or photos

  • Wearing it to your body

  • Wearing to your body inside a small bosom sachet bag

  • Adding them to Mojo Bags or Charm Bags

  • Dusting with your intention or to target's items - like socks, shoes, underwear

  • Can be added to gifts or gift sachet or used in as cosmetics.

If you are interested in working with sachet powders, feel free to order them on our Magick Shop!

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