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CUSTOM - Mojo Bags

Mojo Bags or what is usually called a gris gris bag is an ancient method in creating a magical object that aids one to achieve results in their specific wishes and endeavor. They are usually made by usung a flannel bag or any form of cloth with magical correspondence that comes with various special items with special sigbificance that helps achieve ones ambition, wishes and manifestation. 


There are many ways it can be used, but most popular ones are for financial gains, abubdance, good luck / fortune, attracting a lover, getting back a lover, victory and success and many more! Each items and ingredients are made from simple items, to rare and magical herbs / roots and sometimes, from personal effects of the person requesting it. Each are fuels the magic to be form in concentrated manner as it get sealed as a bag of charm, amulet or talisman - which should never be open, until it has been fulfilled (even after it is fulfilled it is not recommended to be opened, unless you want to remove the magick in that bag), else the magic is invalidated and all energies will be released. 


You can use the mojo bags in different ways. Traditionally, you can carry it in your pocket at all times, worn around the neck and sometimes, even placed in specific areas, too. You can also place it below your pillow as well or just keep it aroubd you at all times. Mojo bags are very versatile and there is no need to think hard about it - just having the item, carrying them with you - its existence in itself creates the work and magic for you. Ofcourse, one should not expect any form of drastic result... mojo bags are a lesser form of charms that is safe and secure that acts as a luck bringer or a concentrated form of energy based on ones wishes and intent. 


The person that makes the mojo bag puts all the intention for you, but would never and should not claim a guaranteed result. Please keep this in mind... this is like a charm, amulet or talisman, not a miracle or one way ticket to riches, however... I do assure you these charms are all handmade by me. If you know me and would give  me your trust to make the mojo bag for you, I shall do it with honor, much love, care and grace. 


(It is important that you can trust the peraon who makes the charms as only they will know what is inside and what intent they have given those items that comes inside lf it). 


My custom mojo can be customized in 3 stages from Basic to Special and Premium Mojo Bags. The prices differs due to the needed ingredients, some items are too pricey - mojo bags are not made out of stones, some special items are bought from overseas and authentic shops - not even bought elsewhere randomly. So please di consider all these when you purchase my mojo bags. Ofcourse, those ingredients has more power and boost as well. I usually only get a short add on the money and mostly is due to its ingredients inside the bag. 😉 


You can custom made request anything, after ordering, please contact me for your needs.

CUSTOM - Mojo Bags

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