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Blockbuster Oil - removes tough energy blocks and blast them away open!

Blockbuster Oil is so good to use when you literally have no choice... when you feel you have done everything and it's just not working for you. Sometimes, you just got to do something when things are blocking you out that unables you to step forward with everything!

Though, this may be a different formula from other kinds of block buster as it's not "that" explosive (this is for you to avoid a crazy havoc effect which most orher blockbuster oil has) - - this blockbuster oil will still open that path for you, it still has that "oomph!" for sure - - just like all blockbuster oil has.

This oil will open the path and open the roads for you so you can open path to your goals and desires. It can help you find a job, remove "hard and stubborn" obstacles and negativity so that you can be your most happiest self! You can anoint your pen if you have a creativity block, anoint doors of your doorway to get business booming - - anoint it to anything that you feel is standing in the way of you achieving your highest goals and desires!

However, please use this with caution - - it is still a blockbuster, regardless. It should be use when you only feel that nothing is working out... when you add this with the road opener oil, it will surely open up the doors for you, but keep in mind that whenever you use a blockbuster oil.... the path will be force open! It will open the paths and remove the blocks out of the way, even if it is something you want and do not want to lose.... if that is blocking your path to success, even if you want that - this oil will will remove it!

Blockbuster Oil - removes tough energy blocks and blast them away open!

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