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Bend Over Oil

You will encounter a lot of variations of Bend Over - - and many times of influencing oils, however... let me give you a bit of warning before you purchase this oil - - this is a legitimate Bend Over Oil and I didn't cut corners in making the recipe on this oil either!

I used a traditional recipe but with the strongest type of formula - - to dominate and control so eone and make them bend over to you. The label says what it actually does and it is as simple as that. It has a lot of "mastery" herbs and ingredients along with "domination and control" - - this isn't even the same with Influence Oil or Do As I Say Oil - - those oil give components that are associated with compelling - - though those still are an element of control there is a sugaring up in those kinds of oils.

This oil is used for dominating situations and controlling situations or putting your will over a situation or a PERSON. The person you used this oil on or work this oil with lose their power - they simply do not have a say in the situation. If it is done right, the person uou are working with will probably and most likely have no chance and will be strictly under your command to make then do what you want. This is especially true if you also use a Bend Over incense in conjunction with this oil.

You may use an incense of Bend Over and write on a paper what you want to happen to your chosen person. Go outside and face the east, put your incense on top of the paper and light it. Once they both have been burned, bury the ashes in your yard facing east. Use your Bend Over Oil, pour out some oil to give space to put your request and personal items belonging to the person you are working on. Everyday you are to shake this bottle while calling the person's name and stating your desire (say it in commanding tone and manner). When hou are around this person, rub a bit of the oil in uour hands and when you touch them, they come in contact with what you have asked for and demanding in the "work" you have requested on.

This is a tried and tested thing which I have learned from an old school conjure mentor. I am not responsible for the after effects how you choose to work on this - - please, be responsible of your own actions and be sure of what you want for you are likely to get it.

PS. There will be cases you may need to use herbs or oils related to Confusion so that they will be confused and have no idea what exactly happen and won't detect you controlling them.

Bend Over Oil

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