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Krissy has been offering spiritual services since 2011. She started with exclusive international client around the globe, from Bitwine, Oranum, Live Person, Kasamba and Psychics Live.

In this page, you can purchase powders, incense and other curios which can be used for your manifestation working and ritual works. Each are used on various types of herbalism and magical activated ingredients so it varies based on the intention of the powder or working. These can be used in conjunction to rituals or if you just want to use it in your space and have that energy around you. It is an added ingredients for advanced workers and those that are more knowledgable in using it in their crafts and manifestation workings. You may roll them in candles or bathe on them, apply them as powders to your skin, and many more. Instructions of use are usually provided once it has been purchased already. Please do take some time to read the description of the products as they contain valuable information on the intention and how to use the items at times, too!

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