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If you are interested in doing Lenormand readings for yourself, friends, family or maybe, potential clients. You really need to know the basics so you will have great foundation to what Lenormand is truly all about.

A lot of people get really confused with Lenormand and see them purely in a intuitive way, however we must know and understand that Lenormand is not intuitive at all. You really need to see things as it is without bias or much emotions for you to really see the wonders it brings, especially when it comes to predictions.

That is why, with Lenormand, constantly going back to the basics will always be beneficial for someone who does divination readings. Constantly going back to the basics of Lenormand will not only help you with your lenormand readings, but it will also enhance your divination capabilities as well.

Lastly before we get into the Lenormand Card Meanings, let me give you one last but very crucial tip: Do not be afraid to say it as it is – that is really important. Do not be afraid to give a prediction. After all, Lenormand is all about predicting future events.


1. RIDER – things that comes fast, transportation, young man or a lover, message, something that happens soon or come soon, very quick.

2. CLOVER – something small, an opportunity, small luck or little luck, good fortune, unexpected, happiness, unexpected situation, a sense of hope comes.

3. SHIP – voyage, travel, journey, transportation, something that comes in foreign land, foreigner, moving, movement, business or commerce, something from a far, what was longed and wished for.

4. HOUSE – home, family, property, foundation of a relationship, security and comfort, real estate, stability and domestic affairs.

5. TREE – health, long period of time, slow and steady growth, history, deep rooted, spiritual, growth, unshakable, unmovable or stagnancy at times.

6. CLOUDS – lost in thought, confusion, depression, misunderstandings, in a fog, complications, clouded situations, unstable weather, lack of insight, feeling doom and gloom

7. SNAKE – the other woman, deceit, problems, envy, jealousy, long, thin and flexible, something that hurt and stings, nemesis, smart and sneaky, betrayal, backstabbing, malicious, selfishness, deception, cheating, problematic person or situation

8. COFFIN – in a box, hidden, endings, illness, death, sadness, negativity and darkness, painful ending or painful situation, in grief, endings or beginnings (sometimes), dullness

9. BOUQUET – a gift, a happy surprise, huge and big luck, flowers, beautiful, happiness, enjoyment, favorable.

10. SCYTHE – quick, sudden, impulsive, cuts, knife, swift, harvest, warning, decisions, pain, surgery, dry, things that are sharp – may it be in words, material objects or tools.

11. WHIP – repetitive pattern, things that repeats habitually, sweeping away, painful, intense, punishment, debates, verbal arguments, sex, conflict, debate, opposition, anger, physical activity, active situation, sports, and violence.

12. BIRDS – words, talking, gossip, meetings, two people, conversations, messages, phone calls, chatters, in two’s, meetings, issues, interviews.

13. CHILD – literally – a child, new beginnings, something small, naïve, child-like, new thing, youthful, fun, immature, innocent and playful.

14. FOX – lies, manipulation, undercover, deceiver, scammer, con artist, clever, charming, one with bad intention, cunning, smart, can be a job, or money related, entrepreneur, untrustworthy, sly, disrespectful, workaholic, will do things to protect something no matter what it may be.

15. BEAR – Something that is strong, big and huge, boss, an authority, mother, financial worth, protective, trainer or gym instructor, overworking, muscular body, finances related, leadership, dominance, likes food and excess.

16. STAR – hope, inspiration, aspiration, networking, internet, a wish, many many things of something, during the night, spread out, dreams, goals, ideals in life, fame, intuition and psychic ability.

17. STORK – migration, moving or relocating, making changes, improvement to a situation, birth or delivery cycle, things that has ended may return, slim, skinny, long legs.

18. DOG – a friend, companion, loyalty, dependable, faithfulness, a pet, someone you can trust and is there for you, someone you know, a help that comes.

19. TOWER – large office, corporate world, hierarchy, solitude or isolation, locked up, singlehood, boundaries, alone, structure, old and ancient things or people.

20. GARDEN – group of people, in the garden, meetings and gathering of many people, celebrations, parties, public events, at a park.

21. MOUNTAIN – a block, obstacle, difficulty, uphill climb, someone got lost or is lost, heavy and difficult process, things that are hard to overcome and accomplish, a lot of delays, a lot of effort and time is needed, roadblock, something blocks your way, being stubborn, cold hearted, enemy, problems, stuck and distant.

22. CROSSROAD – two choices, decisions, discernment, two things, literally – a crossroad in life, split of two things or relationship, undecided, multiple things or opportunities, hesitating, living in double lives.

23. MICE – One that you won’t expect – quick and speedy, takes things away, a thief, stealing or stolen, making less, disease, worries and fears, sickness, stress and anxiety, losses, damages, a lot of cost needed, repairs may be required, deterioration.

24. HEART – love, passional, emotions, romance, feelings, literally a heart.

25. RING – a promise, commitment, the relationship itself, marriage, long term commitment, binding, a contract, literally a ring, something that is circular, going in circles, jewelry, predictable, agreements the bond we have with our special person.

26. BOOK – secrets, learning, education, discovering something, studies, a literal book, school, training grounds, things you may not know, unknown, research, mystery.

27. LETTER – writing, emails, snail mail, texting, literally a letter, message of some kind, prescription, written message, prints, a written record, news, documents, writer, communication.

28. MAN – the man – significator or the client, signifying of a male.

29. WOMAN – the woman – a significator or the client, signifying a female.

30. LILY – harmony, peace, old person, an elder, purity, honest, mentor, calmness, trust, good intention

31. SUN – joy, happiness, exposure, ego, out in the open, shining a light, being seen, in the spotlight, success, victory, high energy, hot spot, positive outcome

32. MOON – getting recognition, being acknowledge, reputation, what we show to the world, how we are seen, psychic, during the night, insight, fame, emotional, phases of the moon, mood swings.

33. KEY – the answer, what unlocks a mystery, what opens a box, important situation, important information, significant situation

34. FISH – wealth, money, abundance, an increase and movement of things, business minded, entrepreneur, assets, things related to water, things that slows and changes.

35. ANCHOR – settling down, faithfulness, stability, persistence, long lasting, stay put, security, hard work, near the ocean, a pause which can move forward in the future.

36. CROSS – sacrifice, burden, martyr, oppression, spiritual, hardship, sorrows, destiny, loss, grief, pain, despair, a church, something that puts an exclamation into things.

These are just the basics one card meaning of each Lenormand cards, however, do know that one can still signify a lot more which may not be written here.

You do have to pay attention, not to use emotional terminology and stick to what a symbol of a card actually means.

Enjoy practicing your Lenormand Readings. If you are interested to get a Lenormand Reading, you can do that by purchasing a Lenormand Reading: by clicking this link.

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