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Grand Tableau: Lenormand Reading

 $40.00 / $65.00 USD

3 to 05 months - $40

6 to 12 months - $65

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*** This reading gets delivered via email, in a pre-recorded video file, which shows the cards and to give you details on the entire reading using the grand tableau spread in Lenormand. This usually gets sent and delivered within 3 days as the earliest to 5 to 7 days as the latest - depends on availability & bookings.

*** What you may hear and find out isn't something you might be able to accept... please be prepared when getting this reading. Even I wouldn't know what will show up for you.

Lenormand is a type of ancient fortune telling method since its 1700’s which focuses on the symbolism of the card and its playing card signification. It is not the same as cartomancy, however it is within the same field. Lenormand Readings are based on the most popular fortune teller of all times, Marie Anne Lenormand, which was the advisor to Josephine Bonaparte, Napoleon, Robespierre and Marat. Lenormand Readings are very straight forward, pictorial and intuitive but is not read the same as a usual intuitive reading. This type of reading is read exclusively with the use of Lenormand cards and the prediction varies depending on the type of reading being requested.

In this Grand Tableau Lenormand Reading we are going to be focusing on one major topic of concern or question, but since it’s a grand tableau, we will be able to see a lot of various themes and topics which you may not even have asked about as well. It uses all the cards of Lenormand giving so much information and details to the picture.

Additional Details Required for this Reading: Your Name, Birth Date (optional, not needed but it helps in channeling), Themes of Topic of Concerns (please be detailed and specific - you can ask almost anything), First Names of People involved (if it applies to your concern)

Lenormand Readings never lies, it's not about understanding one's feelings like how Tarot and other divination does, it only gives you a prediction, an action or event of what might occur.

It can answer specific concerns just like how it is through Cartomancy since this is also a system of Cartomancy, but GT readings can only be done through Lenormand as they both a different reading system. I suggest to go for this reading if you want to see how the situation will manifest or occur soon in a time frame of 3, 6 or 12 months.


No refund once the reading has been sent to you. The only time you may request a refund is when you the delivery date reached its limit and you still have not received your reading. Please contact me for any follow-up if you don't receive anything.

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