In this reading, you can only ask for 3 questions, but know that the prediction of those 3 questions will surely come to pass – if it doesn’t I’ll be so surprised, as it doesn’t usually fail me at all, which is why I have complete confidence in this type of reading. If I see something using this type of reading… I know for sure what may come to pass and what may not.

[Re-Cast Method] Prediction Reading

Price: $55.00

This item is sent via e-mail reading.

Delivers usually within 5 to 7 days.

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The Re-Cast Method Predictive Reading is my own special way of doing a reading, which have been tried and tested with my own readings and my repeated clients as the most effective way to see through things that can really occur for you in the future or to what situation you may be going through. It is not that different from my usual intuitive readings, however… the Re-Cast Method Predictive Reading will re-confirm a prediction if it is going to come to pass and what other details we may have missed.

This is a highly exhaustive type of reading for the reader which is why this reading is pricier not only because of the result it gives but due to the huge toll of energy being used. You don’t have to do this type of reading, I just personally like this reading because of the accuracy of the prediction… allowing me to know and see what is most likely really come to pass.


  1. Your Name

  2. Your Birth of Date (optional, not needed but it helps in channeling)

  3. Your Question(s) (please be detailed and specific)

  4. First Names of People involved (if it applies to your concern)

When you purchase the reading, please do not forget to put in the “additional details” needed for the requested reading. You will be able to type this out, along with any queries and request in the additional notes section upon checkout.


No refund once the reading has been sent to you. The only time you may request a refund is when you the delivery date reached its limit and you still have not received your reading. Please contact me for any follow-up if you don't receive anything.