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Re-Cast Method Prediction Reading

$55.00 USD

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*** This is sent through your e-mail and delivers usually within 5 to 7 days, after an email confirmation & question has been clarified.

The Re-Cast Method is one of my signature type of reading that I have been known for with most of my repeat clients, tested effective by many and myself through the year. It is a reading I usually do for people who wants to really make sure what exactly is going to happen soon, regardless what their current situation may be. It is a step forward through my usual intuitive readings, but this way, we get to confirm, re-confirm and gather information that may have been missed out. It is not really a reading that is necessary to be done as it does exhausted me as a reader - hence, the increase price for this reading due to the huge toll of energy being used, however there are clients who actually prefers this at times due to the high accuracy of the prediction.

For this reading, you can ask 3 questions that you want to know or double check its prediction on. You can also go for this reading if you want a type of reading where I am very assured that each word I say in this reading are things I know I can be really sure of in terms of predictions. Usually, when I do these types of reading... I will be very surprise if it comes out wrong, as it rarely fail me, however... I am not saying I am perfect, it's just that it rarely lets me down when it comes to prediction accuracy and most of my clients who purchases this reading can attest to that as well. So if you want to know if a certain event will really happen or not - go for this, I can assure you... what is foreseen always does happen!

When you purchase this reading, do know I will require some details for me to work on your request:

1. Your First Name & Other Person's First Name, etc.

2. Your Questions and concerns...

3. Date of Births are not really needed, if you desire to share this - just know that it's optional and not necessary for this type of reading, it can help me tune in and connect to the people involved though.

Try to be specific and not vague on your questions, but don't give too much details, also. After all, I still want you guys to have a more authentic reading from me where you don't need to give too much information. The only time I suggest people to give more information is when you know you have a very complicated and complex situation. Then, it will be helpful to give me a headsup on few things that I may need to know before working on your reading. 

After sending in your payment, please do not forget to fill up the form here - or use the contact me page to send out the necessary information for me to work on your reading!


No refund once the reading has been sent to you. The only time you may request a refund is when you the delivery date reached its limit and you still have not received your reading. Please contact me for any follow-up if you don't receive anything.

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