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Your Custom - Loaded Candle Ritual Work

Since it has been highly requested by so many - - I am finally placing it here in the shop! :)


This is a CUSTOM - Loaded Candle Ritual Work that is specifically made for you. However, please do not think of this as "any other loaded candle" as most loaded candle are already created and prepared ahead of time mostly adding just herbs and crystals within the candle for manifestation working.


This loaded candle is a "ritual" by itself where in it is very specific and tailored for you, depending on the need and what you desire to manifest in your life!



What to expect within this loaded candle ritual?

- The candles will be created with a mixture of Beeswax and Pure Soy Wax.

- You will be able to send in your intention / request / petition for the candle work that you want to request, however, it needs to be "not too long" and should be of clear intent. Your names will be included in your petition papers or name papers and it will be inside the candle themselves as part of the process of this candle ritual and this alone ensures that it is specifically made for you!

- The petition will be prayed for and it will be anointed with my own collection of conjured oils, depending on the purpose of your request and ritual. Not only the petition but the candle will be created infused with those oils as well.

 The candles will also be loaded with various roots (powdered), herbs and a final touch of conjured oils after the candle is created as part of its preparation.

- Once the creation and blessing is done, it will be ready to be sent to you. You will receive the candle in a vigil sized glass jar which include an instruction paper to guide you as well in your candle work (and some personal advice from me to help you be able to really work on your this loaded candle ritual to ensure things work smoothly for you and hopefully, get your manifestation working positively!



What I need from you with this working:

- Your Full Name and Date of Birth (and if it's a love work, include the other person's details, too).

- Your intention / purpose for this candle work. Please check the options of what you can pick and you can customize it for your needs and purposes. Please try not to "ask things that is outside of its purpose as that will not be an effective way to petition your manifestation work. Try to be straight to the point and clear as much as possible - you can explain to me all the information but it is very important that you  state your desire clearly as much as possible.

- This is optional, but if you want me to put something on your vigil glass, it could be a photo of a person or photo of you and your partner or if you'd like for me to also put some petition writings on your vigil glass, please do let me know and send me the necessary details and I can add this for you as well. :)




You will also receive all the guidelines you need to know to ensure that your work get manifested, aside from just the instruction for the prayer and usage you need to know - - this way, you will get  the best possible path on your goals and desire! In this way, I believe it will be more of benefit for everyone and it also makes all the hard work I will put into each of these candle work request more worth it as well. :)  The guidelines will also help you have the right focus and mindset with working with things.


This is a powerful loaded ritual work and all the condition will be prepared for you! You only need to relax, believe, trust the process and focus on your desire and light the candle as intended. While it is safe to light this type of candle and leave it be,  it is still recommended that you do not leave the candle alione for too long and please practice fire-safety at all times for your own safety as well. Thank You!

Your Custom - Loaded Candle Ritual Work

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