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Wealthy Way - wealth, money, abundance, & prosperity!

Wealthy Way is one of the most traditional and popular conjured oil when it comes to money and financial success. For this oil, I have used very potent and rare ingredients, along with money crystals to ensure that abundance and prosperity to surely go your way and your path forward!

Wealthy Way is good for money matters, financial success, business success - it draws in wealth, success, abundance and prosperity in your life - you can't go wrong with using this oil. It is also good in boosting profits and gaining more clients that will give you more wealth and abundance to your life!

You can also use it with Crown of Success, Money Drawing Oil (or any money oil like Big Money Oil or Fast Cash Oil), or Van Van Oil.

You can use it for candle rituals or just anoint this to yourself, add in baths, anoint important business papers or other documents. You can place a bit of this oil to your money mojo bags, lucky charms, your wallet or even the money in your wallet. If you have coins and pennies, anoint it with Wealthy Way and keep it in front by the door of your home or office or in your cash register. Anoint your palm while handling money or invoices. Rub some of the oil to the front door of your business, to let abundance and wealth to flow and enter in.

Wealthy Way - wealth, money, abundance, & prosperity!

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