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Uncrossing Loaded & Fixed Candle

I have made and prepared this loaded and fixed candle (in a taper size of 8 to 10 inches long) for uncrossing work - it bas been fixedc lladed and anointed as well and have used various herbs with it. This one is actually a bit special since I used a very traditional recipe with an addition of a secret ingredient that can also remove "any work or spells or hexes" that may have been deliberately done gainst hou and protect uou in the future in case they do so again.

So this is uncrossing, removing, cleansing and also will put you away in any "work" that may be done to you in the future and can also rejuvenate and refresh your energy while giving you protection at the same time. With this candle, it can give your own spirit some blessing and peace as well.

You can use this candle with the Uncrossing Bath Salt Crystals for best results.

Uncrossing Loaded & Fixed Candle

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