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Sugar Daddy Oil - passionate and generous lover

Sugar Daddy Oil is created similar to a Cleo May by tradition, but meant to create passion, more attraction and finding a lover or a husband that is giving, willing to be generous towards you, will pamper you. This is a combination of drawing in love and money at the same time.

Best to anoint this to yourself after bathing, before going out, around your neck, on your knees, heels of your shoes, etc. You can use it on baths, candle work rituals, few drops to your doorsteps to bring this lover in, good for love attraction work in bringing in a wealthy lover - - use it with Jezebel Oil if you want this hardcore. Though, this oil already includes few drops of Attraction Oil and Jezebel Oil as well. You can also use Love and Attraction Spray.

This oil does have ingredients for love and passion and attraction so it is really not meant for pure money -seducing method but attracting a lovee who will love you and also be willing to support your needs and make your just a little more wider and sweeter.

Adding this oil to a Love & Attraction Oil can bring you an ideal lover that you desire but also someone who will be giving and can support you financially.

Sugar Daddy Oil - passionate and generous lover

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