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St. Expedite Oil - Quick & Fast, Money, Luck, and Success

St Expedite is most popular patron to go to when one needs desperate help, wanting to find quick and fast solution, especially during emergency needs, mostly involving finances and financial success. He is known to put an end to your worries and obstacles in various areas of life and one of the patron to go to in dealing with bad habits and procrastination as well.


He is very known to destroy the idea of someone not knowing how their tomorrow will go and any form of vagueness and worry that may be happening to you and this is depicted by the image of Saint Expedite that we would see anywhere, as he stomps on the crow on his feet, which is related to "pro-CRAS-tination" which means, "putting things off until tomorrow" as the crow tried to make him delay his journey, etc. 


Working with saints does have some rules that one must follow, it is not a mere asking for their help and using their oil - you will need to work with them on a very personal level. Upon purchase of this oil, you will receive certain guide and instructions for its use, but the rest of it will have to rely upon your own integrity and working with the saint, itself. 


When it comes to working with saints in particular, you will need either their "photo" or a statue of them. You will need to prepare a space or altar for them as well in case you choose to work with them. A glass of water shall be prepared, along with a "red" candle that has been anointed with the oil pertaining to the saint you work decide to work with. It is essential that some saints would prefer some flowers or a vase of flowers prepared for them. 


Each saint does have specific needs and requirements so one should follow its rules accordingly. They have their own preferance and favorites, too. St. Expedite in particular does like pound cake and "real flowers" so it has been known to most people who has worked with him that IT IS A MUST that one should give him flowers. 


If you decide to work with St. Expedite, you don't just suddenly remove his altar once your goal has been achieved. It is also best to at least celebrate his feast day every April 19, light candles for him, etc.


While St. Expedite is more known to help people in financial needs... anything that has to do with emergency needs of "today, now - soon as possible" are things you can work along with him. It is always best to not put his altar inside the bed roon as it can cause disturbance to your sleep since he has a strong energy and presence. It is also better if you can place him near the doorway - doesn't have to be grand or anything. 


When you ask for St. Expedite's help, or any saints... this is not just revering the saint or asking for their help and mercy, but you do make a deal with them as well. St. Expedite in particular requires you TO DO YOUR PART of the OFFERING FIRST. Think of this as renting a home where you need to give a 50% deposit to the landlord.They say that once you do that, after some time... your problem will give you signs that things are going in accordance to your specific request and by that time, you need to FULFILL the entire payment for the deal you have made with them - - though, you won't experience any form of wrath or anything if you fail to do so, but, just like how they have given you something, they can also take it easily away just like that. 


Once all has been fulfilled, you are also a custom to do what the saint would have like to be done. In St. Expedite's case, he does like to have public recognition. This is the reason why he is popular to begin with as people who had their request fully granted by this saint would always give him praise publicly online and sharing it to a lot of people how they have received his help, etc. In return, this is also one of the ways of an offering you can make to St. Expedite to help making your prayers get manifested, too. It can be done easily online, either by words or sending in photos of him or giving his prayer cards to people, etc.


St. Expedite can help in issues in growing someone's business, paying the bills, issues relating to their home and rents, gaining clients, social media and followers presence, getting emerhency funds, increase of income as a whole, gambling, increasing ones luck, things related to court cases, road opening work if you feel blocked, making progress and movement on a certain area of life, real estate issues, trade, and it can even give aid for ones fast recovery, too. 

St. Expedite Oil - Quick & Fast, Money, Luck, and Success

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