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Seductive Attraction - passion, love, lust, & sex

Seductive Attracfion Oil is the next level intensity of Love Attraction Oil - - this is meant to give an effect that stimulates ones excitement, desires and passion. It does have a lot of aphrodisiac ingredients both in herbs and essence. It can give you a very sensual and seductive energy and aura as well, depending on how you will use it.

Usage of this oil is to increase ones sex appeal and draw things in towards them. It can make you very desirable to others, regardless of their gender and can give you a seductive vibe and if you do try to seduce someone - - this will be more enhanced and powerful.

You can use this to anoint yourself, photos, documents or love notes, anoint to yourself, in the bedroom - - and put in a diffuser in the bedroom while you spend time with your special one. If you are feeling sexy, kight as well use this oil to massage their bodies or touch the sensual part of their body as you put forth intention and thinhs might just heat up in the bedroom! Can also be used if want your partner to not stop touching you or if you want them to see you as someone who is utterly irresistible and enchanting in their eyes!

Seductive Attraction - passion, love, lust, & sex

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