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Rue Mist Protection & Cleanser Spray

If you are in needed of an instant fix and help, this one is for you! No one should be without it, really! Rue Mist Protection & Cleanser Spray is a blend made with Rue as its focus ingredient, also called Ruta or Ruda in Latin, being well known for its cleansing, protection, hex-breaking, jinx-breaking, and can a powerful herb in warding off the Evil Eye.


This spray is meant to be used for protection and cleansing. You can spray over your surroundings and home if you like, but I personally like using this spray for myself in spraying over my hands, the back of my neck (where we are very sensitive for psychic attacks), top of my head, and even to my feet and heels. When you are feeling energetically weak (you may be subjected to some form of spiritual or psychic attack or maybe there is a negative chi surrounding you - using the spray will help you as a quick fix, usually... if it is indeed a spiritual element, you will find yourself being uplifted and feeling better). It's also good if you feel you have caught