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Real Turquoise Assyrian Evil Eye Protection Bracelet

This is an Assyrian Evil Eye Amulet Bracelet for Protection. They have always believed in the Evil eye that when one person stares absnd ses you with jealousy, envy, with the energy of harm and obstruction has a calacity to harm the actual person, animal or even objects.

Evil Eye is triggered by envy and malicious ibtent. At times this happens unintentjonally and most of the time the person who casted this is nkt even guilty nor sees it as a malicious thig - some people do. However, it always results a person esperiencing unfavorable events in their life - - at times it may seem normal but is an actual effect of the evil eye.

Financial Loss / Ruins, at times being sick, depeessed, unable to sleep due to insomnia, experiencing accidents and physical harm are all part of its symptoms and many more.

Do not get me wrong, there are many ways to deal woth the Evil Eye. In most cases wearing an amulet such as the very popular "nazar or evil eye symbol" is one of the biggest ways to deal with it bt more importantly, it is mostly because of the materials used as well. A real one would have Turquoise even in a Nazar amulet. Though this one in particular is a real turquoise as well. It protects a person from bad energy source with its two holes that symbolizes the eyes.

It is one of my favorites simply because people don't realize that is is an amulet to protect from malicious intent as it does look fashionable too.

Please do know this is a hand-made item (I dis personally made the bracelet and prayed over each knot on this one so you know this isn't simply just any bracelet) and there will be differences and also, this is a real one and unpolished - so you get this in its pure and raw form. I currently only have 10 to 11 pieces of this one thougj so once its out of stock I won't be able to restock it. This one also came from Turkey. This won't give you allergy and gives protection to you too. It will be blessed and prayed over before sending out. Due to the red thread of this it is also used as your form of protection - I highly recommend to wear this on your left hand. and don't take it out if possible. I never take mine out and there are no issues with it.

Since this is manually created, pleasd measure your wrist in your left hand as a precaution so that I will be aware of the measurements when I make the bracelet. :) Thank You.

Real Turquoise Assyrian Evil Eye Protection Bracelet

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