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Psychic Visions Oil - spirituality, psychic ability

Psychic Visions Oil is definitely my one of my favorite oils as if has ingredients that gives protection and also gives spiritual assistance and increases ones psychic abilities as well. This oil is definitely a must and highly beneficial for people who does spiritual work like me on a daily basis.



If you do any magick, conjure work, tarot readings, fortune telling, intuitive readings and all that, you will want to have this oil for sure! It can also aid for prophetic visions in looking to the future events, it gives aid to various spiritual practices and it is also helpful to use in bringing forth benevolent spirits to help you, sometimes it can also give you aid in dreaming lucky numbers to be used for bingo and lottery - - it has an element that aids in all matters of good luck while it repels evil in your path and healing through dreams can also be achieved with this oil - - and definitely, strong powers of prophecy can occur and be enhanced as well.



Psychic Visions Oil is paired well with Clarity Oil and if you do readings, Van Van Oil is also good to use after every session. In some cases, you can also use it with Clarity & Compelling Oil (for influence) if you desire to know some truths from someone or to reveal things that may be hidden from you, etc.



This can be anointed to yourself, taken on baths, anointed to sacred items if you wish, it can increase magical powers, strength and give forth energy to your desires.



My favorite way or working through this oil is anointing it to my third eye and temples and setting intention for my psychic connection, increase of intuition - - yet only to reveal what is the truth and not various forms which may confused me (as sometimes we can pick up or see visions of random things which may not be entirely the truth). I also use it sometimes when I want to have some intentional dream work (though I do this very rarely as I find it is sometimes scary and not healthy to peek forth past lives events, but if this is something you wish to do - - you can also give it a try.



This can also be used for candle workings of your choosing depending on how you wish to use the oil - there is really no right or wrong or certain rule on how it should be used. Let your intuition guide you in how you use it! :)


Psychic Visions Oil - spirituality, psychic ability

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