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Powerful Red Love Charm (customized for you!)

By request and in-demand - - I am now releasing a new, improve and more potent LOVE CHARM for you! This one is special as it is personally made for each one for your own needs and concerns.


- Whether you are looking for love, and finding a partner, wanting a relationship.

- Wanting to make your lover sweeter to you and make arguments be subside.

- To make someone fall for you, be nice, be sweet, to be excited about you.

- To make them desire you and not be distracted by anything else.

- To make someone be more passionate to you, love you, care for you, etc.


It can be used for whether finding love, wanting more sexy time (if that is what you want and desire), wanting more love, more attention and just make things happen for you and a specific person / or relationship, this charm will do the trick to you. I do recommend to be SURE that you do want this person in your life... the effects of this charm may not be immediately seen (it varies) but it is a passive acting one, so as soon as the charm is made - - the work is done and it will continue to get going and be worked on until you get rid of it entirely!


All the work and ritual will be done on my part and the only thing you need to do is basically to purchase this and send in your request on what this charm will be for... please do know we can only give one or two solid request on this, we cannot put all your request all in one go, it will make the charm less effective that way, so please put this in consideration. Upon purchase an instruction will be provided but basically you just need to hang this charm somewhere around you, your bed space, bed side area or even in your closet or bag is okay. Shake it from time to time if you like... Personally, I like it best when it's in my bed side area as my own energy is there and the influences is there (which is why in fengshui, our bedroom relates more to love and relationships). 


There is an option for a KEY to be included. It is not meant to be as a design, it does serve a purpose! It is meant when your situation is a bit of a complicated one, where a push is needed. That key will be part of the ritual and will be anointed by various spiritual oils that I have here on the shop - like Van Van Oil, Come to Me Oil, Deadly Attraction Oil, Love Drawing Oil, Return To Me Oil, Fast Cash Oil, Wealthy Way Oil and Road Opener Oil. (There is a reason why it has some money oils with this, so it can manifest in the real world, basically). It will be anointed before it gets sent out to you, but if you also have these oils - you can use them to empower your charm after a period of time has passed. After all, this charm can be used till eternity, until how and when you want it to be and to work for you!


This charm has a pulling factor, to bring more love and desire, to find love and have love in the process. It's not meant to be an all around fixer of issues and problems in your relationship - please keep this in mind. Still, this pulling factor is a big thing to get the attention of your lover, especially if they are not putting their eyes on you and is wandering elsewhere. Give it a try and see for yourself!

Powerful Red Love Charm (customized for you!)

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