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Planetary Mercury Oil - wisdom, communication & travel

Planetary Mercury Oil is created from herbs and essences (including some crystal chips that aids in throat chakra and 3rd eye) that is associated to Mercury. Each ingredient thas been prayed, blessed over to empower the influences of the good and progressive effects of the astrological planet, Mercury with the Blessing of Hermes.

The influences of Mercury deals with wisdom, intelligence, communication, travel, education, it helps clear out the mind fog to give you clear thinking and aids you in opening paths for opportunities to occur, this also can help break bad habits and can be useful for good energy blessing and removal of dark energies - it can be used as a form of mood enhancer, improvement in things and has an energy of the power of "memory" whether its you needing to think about something or enforcing some memory or mental condition towards another.

In reality, though there are a lot of Mercury Herbs, using and mixing a bunch of Mercury Herbs does not mean one has created a Mercudy Oil - - this formula, gives emphasis on the favorable things and blessings of Mercury, thus, each ingredient are carefully selected for fhe best blend result that will be most beneficial to people who does need the powers of Mercury in their life. It also awakens the power of herbs within which synergizes to the intent and purpose its meant to bring.

This is also good for people in the creative section, for journaling, writing, document proceeding and writers and researchers. Thought process and information and clarity are supported by this as well.

Definitely, a good addition to be used on Clarity Oil and Talk to Me Oil (new formula already includes Mercury Oil inside of it but it won't hurt to still empower it with an actual Mercury Oil for more potency.) Since Mercury rules trade and business, this is a good moxture to most money oils as well, especially if you deal with media, clients, networking and working through people.

This oil is good for workings in relation when you work with Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Moon Rituals or if you simply want to give the influence of what this energy brings - it is definitely a good additional mixture for rituals and oils as well.

This has also been created during the good influences that promotes wealth, prosperity, trade and business - on a waxing moon.

(Please know the delivery of this oil may take time if there is no good energies present that allows to create such oil, so please give me your kind understanding and patience as it is also for the quality of the product's sake.)

Planetary Mercury Oil - wisdom, communication & travel

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