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Natural Lodestone Pair (small)

Pair of Lodestone - usually for love working where one is a male and another is a female. It does not mean that it dictates it by gender but it's an act tbat depicts the symbolism lf each person in a partnership, so it can also be used by same gender.

I personally receive this one from a conjure doctor when I was scouting for materials overseas and taught me various ways on how to use it effectively. :) Do treat these as live objects, despite they are stones. Lodestones are fairly used in attraction and manifestation working adding a boost of power necessaey to get the work done. It is also something that can be used as an addition to oils (which what I usually do ib my lodestone oil along with its various potent ingredients). This is best used when you are doing a ritual or when you have an altar or place where you do your love work.

Usually, Male lodestones are angular like pyramid abd female ones arw angular but of lesser and flatter - possibly has cutvy and rounder shape. If you have a both flat and angular - can also be used and mainly to be used for same sex gender nor non-binary konds for their love works.

From time to time it is best you feed it with a magnetic sand - that is how you keep them alive which is also beneficial to whatever work or request you do for your rituals and manifestation working. This one in particular I have already feeded it with magnetic sand a my own personal collection of a gold magnetic sand.

Natural Lodestone Pair (small)

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