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Marriage & Commitment Oil - fidelity, to  commit, proposals

Marriage and Commitment Oil is created for situations where you are either fostering a long term commitment with someone, if you are already married (this is a good oil to make that marriage stronger), it can alao be used to get a marriage proposal with someone (it is not coercive, so it won't force anyone to want to marry you but it encourages things to move in that direction, try to use it with Talk to Me Oil - - but you can use an Influence or Compelling Oil if you want to encourage this more). Using this oil with Chuparossa Oil can bring forth more love and commitment to your partnership or can be used to bring forth a lover that will lead to real love and give you the commitment you deserve.

This oil creates gives you a lot of luck and commitment and fidelity is the strong nature of this oil. It gives love, romance and creates ohysical attraction as well and just about good luck in matters of the heart. It canmake your lover more passionate towards you. It can also ensure that a happy marriage awaits you. This is also a good oil to use to make someone stay loyal and committed towards you. It has a lot of "clinging love" - quite similar to a Stay With Me Oil, but specifically tied with marriage anf commitment purposes.

In tradition, they say if you use this on a bath for 9 days and rub it ro your body in downward motion, on the 9th day, get a cup of water of the bath you have taken, and bring yourself in fhe crossroads with it and call the name of the person you desire, then throw the water towards the rising Sun and very soon, rhey say that this lover will come to them.

Marriage & Commitment Oil - fidelity, to commit, proposals

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