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Love Domination Oil - control & submit to me

Love Domination Oil is one of those oils that gives you the "upper hand" on a relationship or situafionship - specifically made for love and dating situafions / partnerships or marriage.

There are different types of "domination" oils and working - - this is not meant to be used on "bosses" or "enemies" - - since this domination oil has a "clinging" factor to it, it ia meant to be used to dominate, command and control a partner to stay with you, be more into you, or to ensure they only put focus on you and not anyone else (controlling their sexual urges or interest etc). It can also be used to control someone to act in a way you desire - - especially if you have a controlling partner that does not respect you. The formula can be a form of influence and with a compelling & dominating force - - but one must be aware that Influence and Domination are two different things, also, so before using this oil, you should know the difference between the two.

Influence is an enticing formula, to urge, persuade or tempt, where in, Domination is literally for one to put their will on others and whatever is commanded must be followed through - more strict in nature and Compelling is like a combination of both but not as forceful as it helps when you ask for favors and requests to make them do as you will.

This Love Domination Oil is really in between all of these... and while it is called Love Domination, it is not meant to make someone love you, but to have control and domination in your love situation. Which means, you either should be already in a relationship with your other person or at least, you should have build some physical contact or had some sexual relationship with them (sexual and physical chemistry is not included) to make the most out of this oil. If not and you plan to use this oil at a distance - - it is a must to combine it with orher attraction and love oils, this will increase potency to whatever oil you are using but it may not exactly as you command it to be (due to lack of power and connection to the target).

This type of oil works well with contact magic workings, workings on dolls and skull candles or literally being in physical contact with the target. You can also do candle rituals through sympathetic magick. You can anoint this on clothings or photos of your target, etc.

If you have not build an attraction with your partner, it is highly suggested you get Follow Me Boy first before you add more power by using this oil. Some people may find one formula works well for them than the other - - so you might need to do an experimentation yourself, if you find Follow Me Boy is lacking for you, adding this Love Domination Oil might actually work wonders for youc along with Forget Me Not Oil and Entice My Lover Oil.

Common mistakes people often do is that they jump ahead in Domination kind of work before doing the process -- and such things do not either work or things only cause complications.

If you are not in contact or communication with your person or ex-lover, you should work on this first. You need a reconciliation work, communication / mercury / talk to me working first, sweet jar, return to me, love me and stay with me workings first before you jump into domination for the best result. (It is a lot of work and this all goes through situations where in a break up already occured and situations where separation has already been implanted - the longer they are, the harder things might become, though sometimes, still not impossible to manage. If they are with a different person or in a relationship with another, you would need to destroy that relationship first with a break up jar or so, and also an influencing work to get good favors from the person so they can see and think of you in good light, along with sweet jar work and then, reconciliation - this is the normal protocol on how things should be done and worked on. Follow the natural process if you want to do things properly for best results.

If you find that these are not the issues that could cause a problem to get your desired goal, then this oil might be good and helpful for you to get things going. Meaning, either you have attraction between you and your partner, already in marriage or relationship / have a more deeper connection with them (they are open to you, etc), even if you are not in "physical" together, you must have some connection build-in first, so you can make the most out of this oil, as long that hasn't occurred you might find this oil lacking in terms of result - this is best used for contact magick and sympathetic magick.

This also means, when you have the means to have those connections - - this oil will be very powerful, potent, and just effective and it would work as it should for you quite strongly, too!

Love Domination Oil - control & submit to me

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