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Look Me Over Oil - attraction & manifestations

Look Me Over Oil is definitely one of my favorites! It is a kind of attraction oil that deals with making things face your way - - either can be used in many purposes of money, career, dating, on a lover or even with your own manifestations.


It is especially good in situations where you feel you are not being seen or your don't have the edge on things, you want to glow up, perhaps? Or glow up and be noticed by a specific person or groups of people. It can be used in ways that benefits you and your own creativity on how you use the oil can do the best of its wonders. 


Another interesting way to use this oil is if you want something to be noticed - which can be good in terms of products and businesses too where people are lured to see something and notice something and get the admiration, wanting and longing for that specific item - hence, people ended up buying it, getting it and pursuing it. It has an element of charm and drawing in factor for sure. The best thing of all is that you can also use this for a simple manifestation purposes as well.


I use this oil personally best by not making anything complicated and just wearing it as a perfume because... it smells so good and it immediately gives a sensual effect as well! Before going out or before meeting someone, use this oil as a perfume or even in your wrist and use your wrist to draw the oil into your neck, etc. You