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Lodestone (Genuine and Alive)!

Lodestones are one of the most popular known curio in the world lf conjure and magick. It is a must have item and most practitioners would never be without such an item.

They are powerful amulets for attractions since ancient times, the Ancient Romans believe that having paired Lodestone becomes a powerful amulet for love workings to make two couple be faithful to each other and be together, etc. Though a lot of workers also use it for manifesting money in great and consistent amounts, also good if you want to receive something, gain favors, manifest things, attract things to you, etc.

Ofcourse, in a nutshell, this is a form of mineral magnetite, however, one should realized that not all magnetite has magnetic minerals - just because they said its a magnetic rock means it has magnetic properties - - that is why you should know what has magnetism properties from not because even though you get a lodestone regardless for its price - no magnetic properties is simply just a piece pf lodestone rock and nothing more. Also, the use of it matters and failing to use it correctly won't be beneficial as well.

Usually, Male lodestones are angular like pyramid abd female ones arw angular but of lesser and flatter - possibly has cutvy and rounder shape. If you have a both flat and angular - can also be used and mainly to be used for same sex gender nor non-binary konds for their love works.

Lodestones are mainly used to draw good luck and money, you do not really need a paired lodestone if you simply need attraction but for complicated matters and reconciliation workings and ensuring commitment in a relationshop and all that - - highly recommend to have a paired one.

In conjure workings, we see these things as alive ans would have a spirit of their own and mist be worked on, fed and dared for, treat them with respect as how you would any other human veings or living things.

When you purchase, you will be given various information how to use it. Just do know that this has already been fixed for you but you woll need to purchased magnetic sands to feed it as well. It will be blessed and prepared for before sendinf it out.

Lodestone (Genuine and Alive)!

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