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Large Lucky Hand Root

Note: If you already own one before, you would probably know that all authentic lucky hand root are tiny and small and this is normal. So, when mentioned as large, please do not expect it to be gigantic, however, it is definitely larger than the normal lucky hand root. (I actually wanted the extra large ones but they called on me and told me they can't deliver those as it was out of stock and even the ones I got are the last pieces left). 




Lucky Hand Root is one of the most sought roots when it comes to being lucky, especially in all forms of luck and gambling. it doesn't necessarily mean to gambling, but the essence of using your hands where anything you touch, receive and get, turns to one massive luck pot of gold, kind of thing. This is also called, Helping Hand or Salep Root and mainly used for drawing in LUCK. I highly suggest that if you have purchased a money mojo bag from me or a high john mojo bag from me (the combination of those ingredients with this root will make a massive difference). I personally have this in my own mojo money bag, ofcoarse. (If you were with me in the early days in me selling oils, you would have known that I used to sell a lucky hand winning hand oil which went quickly out of stock - - simply because it was that good. It was very expensive even for me and it didn't justify me selling it continuously as most ingredients for that is more than just a lucky hand root, however, with this one you can at least get the root itself and put it in altars or mojos


(I prefer mojos to be honest, if you do put this in any of my money oils or even love oils or work oils - - it will increase and boost it up however you should find a way to get back that root as it shouldn't be treated the same as all the other roots in the oils, plus it's hell expensive and rare. So keep it and do not ever lose it!).


People who do a lot of card games, bingos, slot machines or where your hands must be used on will benefit from this root. Ofcourse, anyone else even without gambling will benefit from it and it makes them very lucky in various occassions, too. 


There is no claim that it is always guaranteed (a lot of things are into equation most of the time) so I am required to mention that this is genuine but sold for curio purposes just like any other items on the site. However, it is a sought item and is always a pleasure to have around than not. 


PS. Please do not compare this one from the "hand root" that you can see or have heard locally in various market like "Divisoria" and trust me, I had those before and I used to think they were of the same, but they were really not. 

Large Lucky Hand Root

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