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Knotweed Oil

Knotweed Oil is also known as the Lady's Thumb as for the ability to use to keep someone or something under ones thumb. It is used for binding, restricting and controlling a person or situation, symbolically to tie things down for your own gain and purpose. It may also be used to bind a lover or any working where command and control is needed to be done. It is also efficient to use to control someone's tongue to protect you from any form of gossip, lies and slander. It is popularly known in the past to tie up a man to keep him faithful to you and unable to engage in sexual encounters with others. 


Also used for employment, keeping money and being able to save money, win at court and legal case situations, stop someone from leaving or moving or bind someone or your own self from harm others or self. 


Instruction will be provided upon purchase.

Knotweed Oil

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