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Jezebel Oil - attract wealthy men, draw love, prosperity & influence

Jezebel Oil is a traditional oil based on the power of the Jezebel Root themselves - - which has the ability to draw in wealth and attract wealtny clients, especially men.

Traditionally, Jezebel is named for the prostitude in the Bible because of its use in attracting clients in such profession. While this root is good for attraction and seduction, one of its main components for its popularity is also from an old spell that is called Curse of Jezebel, in which allowed Jezebel root for cursing properties that cause distress, strife to your enemies life, especially if your enemy is a woman.

Though most of the time, this is mostly meant for the use of attracting wealthy men, attracting wealthy cleints, lovers or even a wealthy husband - as you make them submissive to you. It has good influencing powers for getting a raise in a job or getting more tips from customer service.

There are a lot of Jezebel Oil recipe's out there, but to be considered as a real Jezebel Oil - - Jezebel Roots must be included to the oil themselves. In this Jezebel Oil, I added chunks of real Jezebel Root on it, plus some potent herbs for domination, passion to induce love, attraction, and wealth. I made this oil recipe so that it can cater tp such needs.

It can be used in various rituals for love and money. Most women will benefit from the use of this oil for its influencing powers towards men. Can be worn on the body, placed on baths, or anointed to jewelries. Can also be used for financial documents or cards and purses, put few drops to the heel of your shoes and feet while going out on a date or attending social functions. Though, regardless of your gender, this oil is always good especially for financial matters as well.

Using this oil in combination to other oils like Follow Me Boy or Fame and Fortune can have really good effects as well, along with the power to pull the target to you.

Jezebel Oil - attract wealthy men, draw love, prosperity & influence

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