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High Vibe and Positivity Oil

We're bringing back High Vibe and Positivity Oil (since so many have been requesting it)!


High Vibe and Positivity Oil is a personal blend I have created more than a year ago with its purpose in helping with ones emotional and mental state of being. It consists of herbs and essential oils that deals with cleansing and purification, but also energy amplifier, uplifting ones spirit and energy, and it consist of Holy Wood that has the capability to change a bad situation to a good one. It generally welcomes peace, harmony, and positivity into your space which can open path for blessings to come in.


It can be used when you are feeling down as it also helps with depression and anxiety and it does clear away negative energies. It can be used in purification or cleansing candle rituals, though I find this most best to use in anointing the oil to pressure points in your body - or where you feel healing may be needed. You can make use of this oil in helping you be more focused to raise your vibration in terms of being able to manifest your desires or focusing on what you want to attract in your life. It especially helps people who may be struggling to be more positive... a lot of the content of the oil contains sacred herb so it has an element that can be very soothing and healing not only to ones emotional and mental aspect, but to your spiritual and psychic energy, as well.

High Vibe and Positivity Oil

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