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High John The Conqueror Oil - success, domination, power, love & money
This is a "pure" High John The Conqueror Oil, known for its powerful uses in success, commanding, victory, enchantment and domination, winning over adversities, etc. If nothing else works, use this oil - - as your last resort, to defeat problems / blockages and obstacles that hinders you, conquer your enemies, open paths and achieve the goals and dreams you want to bring into reality!

This oil has been made and blessed by an actual High John The Conqueror Root and should never be confused with a court case root or galangal - - those are entirely different ones. We have taken this root from overseas - not available locally, thus we do have limited stocks to work in making this one. 

This is a VERY powerful oil and almost no rootworker and no spiritual worker will be without one due to its potent effects. An all around oil for power boosting and success. Useful to dominate a person to your will, for any form of heaing, winning and victories from competitions and overall success workings. In most cases, can also be used to reverse curse and hexes or remove them entirely. Also good to be used for money, huge amount of wealth and gambling workings. 

This oil will also be prayed and blessed over for your own cause - - unfortunately, it is not an oil that can be used by many people, it can only be blessed under one person's name. When you purchase this oil - please tell us who we are going to put the blessing on, by giving us the "Full Name" of the person.

High John The Conqueror Oil - success, domination, power, love & money

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