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Healing Oil - heal wounds & gives cleansing

This is a Healing Oil, though I personally made this for the purpose in aiding "physical ailments" which can be used when you use it directly and using it magically. It has various magical herbs and formula for healing wounds, allergies, alleviating stress, calming down inflammation & even curing it - also, calming the target area so itching won't occur. This is a good one to use as a booster for skin allergies like eczema and psoriasis.

Ofcourse, it is never good to drop all your medications in exchange for this oil - - this isn't the purpose of the oil, but it is a good natural healing alternative and can boost the healing procedure as well. This oil not only have Hyssop (one of the Biblical Healing Herbs known to be written in the Bible) but it also has the very rare ingredient of the All Heal Herb (which I purchased overseas for this purpose).

Upon receiving your order, you will receive an instructruction pper where you can see how to use it either directly for personal use or when using it for magical purpose as a booster for healing.

Healing Oil - heal wounds & gives cleansing

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