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Gamblers Oil - Luck in Love, Career, Finances and Gambling
Gamblers Oil is one of those traditional and very famous one but no one will ever talk about - - simply because it does work really well, It acts like an all purpose lucky and gaming oil which is good for casinos, lottery, bingo. games and competition and any form of situations where luck plays a big role. 

It aids in giving good fortune as well in matters concerning love, career, work and finances.You may use this on a green, purple, orange or yellow candle when you do manifestation rituals. Rub this oil on your hands and wear it as a perfume especially when gaming and playing games of all sort. It can also be hsed in interviews, out on a date and eveb before going into an important meet up / contract and conversations with people or clients. It gives you the upport hand and control of a situation so things go your way as you plan it to be! This is what a gamblers luck is for - - to have an advantage to thing! 

Totally a must have item in conjunction to Lady Luck Oil & Big Money Oil! 

Gamblers Oil - Luck in Love, Career, Finances and Gambling

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